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YouTube Tags: Tagging Your Videos for the Most Views

YouTube tags and YouTube keywords are closely related but decidedly different. YouTube tagsYouTube tags are singular words that denote an idea or concept of what the video is about. YouTube keywords, on the other hand, are more direct phrases that viewers can type in to find a video with a specific topic. Let’s see how this plays out in an example.

Let’s say you posted a video that promotes one of your hotel affiliate programs. Maybe this video features a waterpark. You might put YouTube tags like “water,” “waterpark” or “waterslides” in the tags area. But if you want to target specific phrases, such as the name of the hotel, you might put several words in the same phrase, such as “Silver Mountain Waterpark” or “Atlantis Waterpark and Resort.”

Putting YouTube Tags in the Video

It’s important that you keep YouTube tags and YouTube keywords separated properly in the tags area of the video. Most of the time you’ll see video uploaders separating tags with spaces. That’s fine if you don’t need key phrases, but if you do, you need to put them in between quotes.

You can even put the YouTube tags in between quotes, even though they don’t technically need them. But it will help you get into the habit of keeping everything separate.

The Importance of Using the Right YouTube Tags

YouTube tags can be a great asset or a self-nullifying drawback. How is that possible? Let’s say for instance that you want to promote an eBook that teaches you how to make your car more efficient. You might upload a video giving the book a good review, then attach tags with the name of the eBook and the ideas that a searcher might use to find the video.

Where many uploaders go wrong is in the area of “popular” tags that are completely irrelevant to their videos. Infusing lascivious tags is often a repeat offense. Inserting the names of famous pop stars in hopes that someone searching for Katy Perry will stumble across your video and actually watch it is a vain hope that many uploaders feed into.

That’s not what YouTube tags are for! Avoid feeding into the popularity tag mentality, and pick YouTube tags that are relevant to your subject. You might not like the statistics of how many searches a related keyword has versus how many searches Katy Perry and Maroon 5 have, but those are the odds you have to play.

After all, you’ll be fighting way too much competition with such popular keywords. Let’s face it: how many people really upload videos about eBooks onto YouTube? Not nearly as many as those who upload videos of Christina Aguilera songs. So the odds of driving targeted, preapproved traffic to your video go up drastically when you pick the proper YouTube tags and keywords.

Don’t forget to check out the competition when picking YouTube tags as well. Also, put the most important YouTube tags into the video’s title so that viewers searching will see what they’re looking for right away.

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