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Your Comprehensive Guide to Social Media Content

Social Media ContentWhat exactly should you post on social media? How do you build trust, engagement and enduring relationships with your audience? How do you build a social media following that consistently brings you traffic and revenue? Here are the most important things to pay attention to. 

Know Your Audience Intimately

Before you write a single post, first make sure you really know your audience. What are they passionate about? What are their deepest fears and problems? What kind of information are they already exposed to? What problems do they wish they could solve, but don’t know how?

Spend some time on the online forums in your niche. Look for questions that people tend to ask a lot that don’t have great answers. These are great places to focus on your social media content.

What’s Does Your Voice Sound Like?

You and your brand should have a unique voice. For some brands, it might be sassy and controversial. Other voices might be “professor-like” and educational. Still others might sound more corporate and official.

Define your voice early. All your posts should come from this voice. Your voice is what attracts your core audience to you.

Engage, Don’t Sell

Don’t try to sell through social media. Sales will happen, but usually not through direct promotion. Instead, use social media to build engagement. Use it to build trust, customer loyalty and name recognition. That way, when you do ask for a sale, they’re that much more likely to buy.

Consistency is Key

Publishing content consistently is crucial to success. To build a following, your audience has to get used to your publishing schedule. If you publish once a week, people will come to expect content from you once a week. If you publish every weekday, people will come to expect content every weekday.

This is the only way to build an audience that reads every piece of content you put out.

Types of Posts & Information

Here are a few of the most common and proven types of content you can post:

  • How to posts (“How to Clean Your Race Car”)
  • X Ways or tips (“11 Tips for Driving Faster”)
  • Debunking myths (“5 Things You Didn’t Know About NASCAR”)
  • Mistakes to avoid (“The 3 Most Common Reasons People Crash Their Cars”)
  • Opinion pieces (“Why the Honda S2000 is an Amazing Race Car”)
  • Questions and answer posts (“Top 10 Questions About Engines, Finally Answered”)
  • Personal stories (“How I Got Into Racing at 19 Years Old”)

Mix things up. Having a wide range of content types will help you appeal to a wide range of people.

Ask for Feedback

Your content shouldn’t just be a one way street. It should be a dialogue. Ask your audience about what they like and don’t like. Ask them what they’d like to learn more about. Ultimately, your audience is the best gauge of what you should be posting.


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  2. Like you I am centering on Google+ Hangouts On Air. Totally dumped GoTo Webinar and am creating most my content via HOAs. Both for my members sites and public engagement.

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