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Writing a Tutorial – Can it Get you Traffic?

writing a tutorialThe secret to making people like you, and buy into you as a person, is to give them something they enjoy – for free. We see it every day on forums and sites, marketers offering a free ebook, in return for an email address.

Once that marketer has your email address, they will then start to give you more cool free stuff, and maybe one day offer you a guide that is heavily discounted, just for the people on their list.

This is awesome all round. Not only are the marketers building a happy database of possible future clients, but the clients themselves are getting great information for nothing.

So how can you do something like this on a massive scale? The answer is in tutorial websites. There are hundreds of sites out there that allow you to leave a backlink or some sort of contact details when you post a free tutorial. You may have lots of eBooks that you started writing and got half way through.

You may have access to a few eBooks that you have the rights to. Tutorial sites can be a fantastic way of channeling traffic to your money sites, or sales pages, because firstly you have already engaged the new visitor by giving them something for free. Everybody loves that.

They click through to your site, and again – you’re giving them something free, or heavily discounted, or just collecting their email for a future promo. The list is endless for what you can do with engaged traffic, so I will leave you to let your imagination run wild!

Get your old, half finished eBooks together, or your PLR content – put it into a readable and manageable structure, click the below link, and then post it to tutorial sites, along with your backlink and contact info.

Google Search For “FREE Tutorial Sites”

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