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Write a Good Article: Tips to Write Killer Content

Write a good article, submit it to an online content directoryWrite a good article, and you could be on your way to making a lot of money with article marketing. Writing articles is a fairly easy endeavor, but some marketers loathe it so much that it becomes a chore.

Part of the reason it’s hard to write a good article at times is that you have little motivation. Let’s say you’ve written 50 articles for your niche and still haven’t seen any revenue as a result. While this might be due to incorrectly formatting them or misusing keywords, it is nonetheless frustrating and less than motivating.

Why You Should Learn to Write a Good Article

Perhaps the reason you’re struggling to write a good article is due in part to the fact that no one ever showed you how to do it properly. And while there are several ways to write articles, there are only a few variations that really work in the online marketing world.

For instance, you might have the capacity to write an entire exposé on a niche you’re passionate about. But that piece might turn into a 5,000-word thesis, which doesn’t have a chance of going over well in online marketing, unless you were to offer it as an eBook or bonus.

On the other side of the spectrum, you might have difficulty producing even 100 words for an article. Maybe writing just isn’t your thing. However, it’s always a good idea to have a grasp of how to write an article, even if you plan to outsource the work in the future.

How to Write a Good Article

Let’s begin with the basic structure of how to write a good article for marketing purposes. Once you get the pattern down, you’ll find it’s easier to replicate each time you write an article.

There’s more to writing a good article than just the SEO aspect. Of course, you should use the keywords at the proper frequency and avoid stuffing keywords, but beyond that, you still need good, eye-catching content.

Penning the introduction is often one of the hardest parts. It’s not easy to organize your thoughts on a blank screen devoid of inspiration. That’s why you should treat your article like a funnel. What does that mean?

It means to take one idea – either sub-niche of your topic, one fact, one myth, and so forth – and use that as a launching point for your article. This is a fairly broad topic, and you have 500 to 700 words in which to make a point out of that starting place.

Then, you gradually whittle the topic down to one small idea. This idea could be a call to action, where you recommend that the reader clicks on a link to your website. You might want to sway them in a particular direction, specifically the one that benefits your bottom line. Let’s take a look at an example.

Let’s say you’re selling a product that helps pet owners remove cat urine from carpet. The introductory line would talk about the broad part of the topic – cats peeing in the house. As you go through the article, you explain why this is detrimental to the carpet and how using other products will only result in a repeat performance from the cat. Your bottom line would be to recommend a solution for the reader. This solution might be an eBook about behavioral traits, or it might be a spray that cleans up the urine.

Either way, you started out big, ended small, and gave your reader a call to action. This method will help you write a good article every time.

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