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WordPress Themes = Traffic

wordpress_themesThere are over 25 million WordPress publishers in the World, with under half of those being hosted at WordPress.com.

It’s small wonder then, that there are literally hundreds of theme developers making a quiet fortune from free themes. Yes, there does seem to be a slight problem there, because it doesn’t make sense that a free blog theme would make money.

Well, the truth is, they are free because of there’s an upsell on the backend of these themes, which inevitably gets purchased usually because the user wants to thank the theme designer.

A good blog theme is everything. If the visitors do not like a website, they click back in under 10 seconds, and they are very fickle in their wants and needs. For example, when was the last time you stayed very long on a site that had poor navigation? Or poor color schemes?

When you set up your blog, you usually do it to your own tastes – and this isn’t a bad thing, as long as you are not completely insane about the colour orange and bright green stripes.

Picking your theme is as important as picking your first home. You have to have space for everything you intend on putting in there, whilst remaining uncluttered and making it easy to get about. You also have to be welcoming, and have the right resources to hand, should a visitor need it.

With all this in mind, a developer friend told me of a quiet way of making good money from free themes, and also how to get free traffic to your website forever. By creating WordPress themes. Of course, we’re not all designers, and we cannot all code a theme from top to bottom in PHP. However, with the Freelance market being as buoyant as what it is right now, you could hire a designer for a very nominal fee, and have a theme ready in a few days.

If a blog theme cost you $200 to get developed, that is $200 worth of advertising for life, not including the backlink you can get at the footer of the website itself. The trick is to ensure your banners and links appear in the backend of the blog admin, and are visible to the user at all times. You can change these banners as often as you want too, if you use an iFrame. You also should target your users with their chosen niche.

For example, if you are giving away a theme that is for the Work From Home market, then you could insert banners for all the things an entrepreneur may be interested in i.e. traffic generation, lead generation etc. The list is endless for theme development, and you can get seriously good residual traffic from just one theme.

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