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Why You Are Not Getting Unique Spun Articles

dictionaryIf you have been thinking about getting an article spinner or re-writer that is promising to provide unique articles at the speed of a click, then please do not be misled.

I was half tempted to do a write-up on all of the re-writers out there that really do suck, and name and shame those who purport to have the ultimate spinning program.

I decided against it, and instead of a mud slinging exercise I decided to educate those who may not know a lot about spinning articles. If you must buy a spinner, then you need to know a very important tip.

One of the major factors in spinning articles is the fact that they rely heavily on the synonyms that are supplied, and of course the ones that you add to the mix. Jonathan Leger released The Best Spinner, and funnily enough this stands on its own two feet as being one of (if not) the best spinner on the market. Aptly named. This spinner relies on a database of the actual users’ synonyms. If you decided on one synonym being better than a list of 20, this one appears at the top of a list, if enough users use that synonym. That’s the basic principle. However, regardless of whether the synonyms are good – there are only so many ways to say certain words… and eventually, you get lazy. You hit the auto spin button. Almost all of these spinning programs have options to auto spin your text. But, the synonyms are NEVER 100% accurate and usable.

One of the key tricks that people overlook is something called heteronyms, homographs and auto-antonyms. These are very cool words. They are words that have lots of meanings, in essence, and they are a spinner’s worst nightmare. For example, the word “looking” could be used as “If you are looking for..>” or “The product is looking good”. Now if a spinner were to see the examples there, it would replace with “observing”, or words to that effect. If you get a list of heteronyms, homographs and antagonyms together, and put that in your list of words to NOT spin in your software, then you will find that the synonym choices fall drastically – therefore only swapping words that don’t have double meanings.

Accuracy is of course your main objective, therefore a quick overview of the article will be necessary. It beats checking over 300 words and having to edit most of them.

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