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Who’d Have Thought it? You the Expert?

A lot of people forget that they can position themselves as the expert in just about any field, just by the way they talk insmart_expert public, and by the way the present their wares. If you are an affiliate marketer, then positioning yourself as the authority on the product you are selling is absolutely crucial to your website’s success. You need to be able to create a sense of trust between the page and the visitors so that they are 100% buying into everything you say about the product. This doesn’t mean to say you simply make it up, and go off on a tangent about the thing – you just need to research the product well, and detail them as best you can to the visitor.


Amazingly you will find that hundreds of affiliate marketers have niche blogs or sites out there that have Amazon products on them, but never really speak from their own personal standpoint, or put their name to the site itself. This is missing out in my opinion, because you can get a lot further with a visitor if they are able to personalize the blog. For example if you were trying to market washing machines, or the best washing machine that money can buy – then you would need to research that product as best you can. Sure enough, you may not be an expert in washing machines, but you would definitely know how to use one. Straight away you should find lots of ways in which you have used this particular product, and then find out from the manufacturer’s website how they address those issues or problems. For instance, can the washing machine clean well using non branded powder at low temperatures? Who recommends this brand, such as magazines or TV programs? By associating you real life experiences and detailing the information that other marketers may not have even thought of, instantly puts you ahead of the competition.

It’s quite easy to find out lots of information about a product – even if you do not get it from the manufacturer website, most big name brands and companies of all sizes have a helpline that you can call and ask anything you like. Simply write down a few questions on consumer forums, and get these guys to answer them. Write up a 300 – 500 word article, and make sure you add your own photograph, as well as your name. Split testing on this, with various products, have worked wonders for the top marketers!

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