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When is a Sales Page Not a Sales Page?

addtocartscriptFor the most part, you will find that there is still a very large percentage of people still using the traditional style sales page, which features text, testimonials, scarcity, and a buy now button. Whilst you cannot argue that sales pages which have been written with great copywriting skills will convert, you can argue that there are now much better ways of enticing a buyer in.

Easily the most popular change in style is the video sales page. Regardless of what you are selling, and how you would normally present your products, you can benefit from a video sales page. Instead of reading and scanning down for the price etc., the reader is in fact waiting for you to finish what you are saying, and actually being entertained in a way.

One of the most powerful ways to get a buyer to click an Add to Cart or Buy Now button, is to use the “hidden button” method.

When a visitor lands on your sales page, a video will begin to play. There are no controls, and the only thing they are able to do is sit, listen and watch. They can scan around the page, but they will not find much. At a predetermined time, you allow the Buy Now button to appear, and the buyer is by now so eager – they click it almost on autopilot.

There are a number of big sellers adopting this technique, and they are converting like crazy. Previously a paid product, the hidden purchase button actually became available to the public for free not so long ago, along with comprehensive instructions on how to include it in your sales page. For those who are wondering WHY anyone would give away such a great script, then you just have to think about all the affiliates the gurus have, and how they encourage people to sell their own products. If a guru supports their clients and affiliates with great tools like this, they stay in business longer (benefiting from the same techniques as the big boys), and they also add to their affiliates’ armoury, in being able to sell their products. Repressing such movements in internet marketing would be a very silly mistake, because they are only squashing the people who are able to catapult them further up the success ladder.


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