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Whats the Deal With RSS?

Do you understand the power of your RSS feed? Very few bloggers do when they first start out, and even veterans are rss-iconguilty of ignoring that unassuming little orange icon at the top of their blogs.

When a visitor adds your RSS feed, that means a lot for your site. It’s as good as having a “list” when you’ve got regular readership. You can use an RSS feed to great effect once you get a subscriber base built up.

Snappy headlines and free stuff, work just as well for those readers as they would for any internet marketing list you could build. If a blog owner spots your feed, they may even showcase your site on their website, and then you are syndicating to more people every time you write content – so the power is really exponential.

Here’s a few tips to help you capitalize on RSS with your site. Even if you don’t have an RSS feed, you can create one using online tools like FeedYes.

Make it Stand Out!

Your RSS icon may just be tucked away in the address bar like millions of other sites, so that’s not exactly tempting for a reader. Make a big button, and make it stand out by encouraging readers to add the RSS feed. You can get royalty free RSS icons all over the web. You should also ensure the icon is above the fold (it’s no use having it down in amongst your other content).

Tell People How to Do It!

Under 10% of web users actually use RSS, but that’s still a huge number of people. If you want to attract people who never used RSS before, then you can educate them – and they can start by adding your RSS feed! Simply link them to Google Reader, and tell them to add your feed (give them the RSS feed URL). Then tell them how they can easily access your feed on a daily basis using Google. This may seem very simplistic – but it works.

Ask People to Do It!

Like it or not, you have to pester some visitors to do things before it actually sinks in. Every time you make a post or add content to your website, make sure you write a little bit about adding your RSS feed at the bottom of the content, along with a handy BIG SHINY ICON! This will entice people who are enjoying your content, and read the whole piece.


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