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What’s Holding Your Blog Back?

flagsWhat could possibly be holding your blog or landing page marketing? You thought you had ticked all the boxes – because you researched on Google Adwords Keyword Tool, and you found as many LSI keywords as possible.

You used Ezine articles, and you are still getting slow moving traffic. It’s almost like a traffic jam on some days.

You are not missing any SEO details – you have made sure your articles are very optimized, and you have made sure you are pre-selling people before they hit the landing page.

The landing page or blog post itself links to a product using a review technique – and yet STILL your traffic has slowed?

Well, this might not be the answer for everyone, but a colleague recently told me about this and I slapped my head in serious disbelief that it hadn’t occurred to me sooner. Every single article that you have – every one of them –  are missing something right now (most of you at least). That thing is multi-lingual support. That’s right. Your blog, your article directory articles, your Squidoo lenses and more – all in one language that is pretty over rated at best – English.

If you take a look on Google Insights alone, and search for something very popular like beauty tips:


Where are the English speaking countries?

That’s right, way down the list. There’s an easy solution to all this, and it will not break the bank. All you need to do is ensure you have a good set of translators to translate your articles as soon as they are complete. You don’t have a team of translators at your beck and call? Well, in that case, head over to Freelancer.com and set up a quick ad for multi-lingual translation. Usually, Spanish, French, Chinese and German will suffice to get some great traffic rolling in. A 300 word article can cost as little as $1 -$2 to translate.

Your blog can be set for multi-lingual support too, using plugins. Try not to use standardized plugins which use Google translate or Yahoo! translation, because this isn’t really ideal for SEO. Rather, use qTranslate for WordPress, which will enable you to choose languages for posts on the fly.

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