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What You SHOULD be Telling Your Clients when Selling Products

As every marketer should, I often spend time under the direction of other experts learning about how I need to be marketing my product. This past week, I was sitting in a class where we were going over some basic verbiage to use when selling products to a client. This particular class used cosmetology products as the focus, but the discussion was applicable to just about any product. In order to give you a better idea of what we discussed (and what we determined to be a great selling strategy), I’m going to set up an example.

Imagine that you are a hairstylist, and you are greeting a client as they walk to your styling chair to get their hair cut. At less fancy salons, your client sits in a chair, you wrap a towel and shampoo cape around them, and you’re off to shampoo their scalp. At fancier salons, you would take this time to give them a personalized consultation. What do they want out of the appointment? Do they just want a trim? Do they want a new color? Do they want to chop off 12 inches? Great stylists learn all they can about what their client wants so they can send them away happy.

During this time, you are giving the client a great experience. You’re giving them personalized attention, pampering treatment and (hopefully) a very polite attitude along the way. But what happens after you return from the shampoo bowl and comb out their hair prior to cutting it? You’ve probably selected a product or two from the dispensary and are about to dab some of that goop on your client’s head.

Here’s where the product selling points come in. Hopefully you’ve already done a good enough job behaving like a professional and acting like you know what you’re doing. If so, they’ll be open to learning about what products you’re putting on their hair – and why you’re putting it on there.

It often gets a little tricky here. Depending on the price of the haircut and the price of the product, you may realize that the client came to you for a cheap haircut and probably isn’t about to shell out $25 for that hair shine you’re putting on. With this mentality, some stylists say something like, “Now I’m putting on this hair shine, which will help me detangle your hair before I cut it. It’s a great product, but you don’t really have to use it every day.” Is the client going to be sold on the fact that he or she needs it? No way! You just told him he didn’t need it!

But what if he or she WANTS it? Maybe they WANT their hair to comb out smoothly every morning – and be shiny afterward to boot! It’s not up to you to determine how much money is in their bank account and whether they can or can’t afford it.

Instead, say something like, “This is my favorite hair shine serum; I use it on all of my clients when I notice their hair tends to be a little dry and prone to tangling. I even use it on my own hair every other day when I wash it, and I would never go back to not using it.” Now does it sound like the client would be inclined to purchase it? Yes!

The point that I want you to take home is this: NEVER be apologetic about the product you’re selling. Present it as though your client’s life will never be the same without it.



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