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What You are Doing Wrong in Networking

Nobody likes networking for the first time. The thing is, its not as easy as it would seem to those who have been doing itnetworking_errors for years. Yes the internet makes it a little easier and not so in your face, because you can send a direct message,

PM or even an email and that will certainly do the job. However, when you are a stone cold newbie who has never networked in their life, then of course its going to seem like one of the hardest things ever, to initiate a conversation with somebody who could actually end up making you a lot of money, just by passing on your details to one of their contacts.

The thing that most people forget is that we are all human, and we all like to talk about our specialist subject… which is OURSELVES.

The only question you ever need to ask somebody, is “So tell me a bit more about your business – “ and simply ask about various aspects of their business. Don’t tell them about your business whatsoever. Right now that’s not important in the relationship. If you have initiated the contact, then the first thing you should do is ask them about themselves, and what their business actually does in the backend. Yes, you know that they have an awesome blog – but why not ask them how they do their Top Commentators list on the home page? That is a great conversation starter that can lead into lots of other dimensions of marketing. Before you know it, they ask YOU what your business is. When they realize that you are both in the same industry, but you never volunteered any of that information (they asked it) then you are on to a winner. This is a prime example of taking it to the simplest level and working up, but you can use it with some of the biggest names in the book. Just ask them a question or two, and they will eventually ask you a few too.

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