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What Keywords to use for Best Results

What keywords to use for best results with your SEO? What keywords to useThis is a question a lot of internet marketers want to know the answer to when they are searching for fresh keywords for content. While keywords are a dime a dozen it seems, you’ll find the real gems when you outline the qualities you want a keyword phrase to have.

For instance, you might pick a keyword like “celebrity haircuts” if you want to put up a haircut website. What you won’t know until you do some research, however, is that this keyword has too much competition for you to ever hope to compete with in the search results. Let’s look at how you can know what keywords to use for your website and how you can find them in less than conventional ways.

What Keywords to use for What Purposes

There are browsing keywords, and there are buying keywords. But how do you know what keywords to use for which purpose? Thankfully, there is an easy solution.

When readers look for knowledge about a particular subject, such as the specs on a new computer part they need to buy or instructions on how to use their new blender, they generally type in the name of the product, as well as another modifier. They might type, “ how to use a Black and Decker blender” or “technical specifications for a Dell computer.”

 These long tail keywords (i.e. keyword phrases with more than two words in the phrase) are the types of keywords you want to target, provided they have enough searches per month to make it worth your while. Target these if you have a content site that you monetize with ads.

Buying keywords, on the other hand, include phrases like “buy a new Dell computer” or “buy a new KitchenAid blender.” People searching with this mindset want to buy from someone online. If you have an affiliate program for products, make sure you target keywords with the product names in them that include modifiers such as “buy” or “purchase.”

What Keywords to use for Finding Other Keywords

Did you know that you can also find other keywords with keyword phrases you already have? That’s right, and you don’t only have to use the Google AdWords Keyword tool to find them.

Just go to Google and start typing a simple keyword phrase. One like “Modern Warfare” or “Christina Aguilera” would work. Watch as the search box pulls up related keyword phrases with long tails, like “Christina Aguilera new album” or “new Modern Warfare game.”

The short keywords in and of themselves represent too much competition for you to deal with, but the long tail phrases are more manageable.

You can also go to informational places like Wikipedia, Internet Movie Database, IGN.com and other information-only websites for your niches that will give you an idea of why a customer wants a product, what they want from the product and how you can make it more appealing to them on your website. Knowing what keywords to use in this respect will help you when doing your keyword research the next time around.

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