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What is Fiverr? Getting Things Done for Five Bucks

What is Fiverr, and how can you use Fiverr gigs to outsource work for your business?What Is Fiverr Once you start using this service, you’ll see how easy and inexpensive it is to get things done for your websites that would take you hours to do on your own if you don’t have the experience.

So what is Fiverr, exactly? It’s your one-stop source for buying professionally-created materials that help you fill your website with content, drive traffic to promotions and build your presence online – all for five bucks.

What Is Fiverr, and What Gigs Are Available?

Fiverr is a website that allows just about anyone with a PayPal account to sign up and offer their services. By default, each service must be offered for five dollars per gig. For example, one popular gig involves an attractive person holding up a sign with your company’s name or logo on it. They take a picture, send it to you, and you can use it on your website, your videos, your promotions – just about anything, actually. Once you buy it, it’s yours. And all you have to pay is five dollars. The gig creator gets only four dollars, though, as Fiverr shaves off a dollar from each gig.

What is Fiverr, and how do you find gigs? Just go to fiverr.com and type in a keyword for your gig desire. For example, if you want someone to create a PowerPoint video for you, type in the words “PowerPoint” or “video” in the search box, and Fiverr will draw up all the applicable results.

Chances are, you’ll find dozens of qualifying search results. The trick now is to pick the right gig creator. How do you accomplish this? By looking at their ratings. When a buyer orders a Fiverr gig, they are given the option to leave positive or negative feedback after the gig is completed. If the gig creator consistently performs well, they’ll have a high performance rating. I highly recommend picking a gig creator with positive feedback for a project, or you could have problems getting them to follow instructions and delivering your product.

What Is Fiverr Like When It Comes to Paying for the Gig?

So what is Fiverr like when you’re trying to order gigs? Here’s how it works. You order a gig upfront, meaning you pay five dollars to Fiverr before the gig is delivered. However, your money is well protected until you are satisfied.

The gig creator sets their own deadline for gig completion. That means if they say they will deliver the gig within five days, they can wait all the way until day five to deliver it. So be patient if you’re getting antsy. If they don’t deliver, or if they deliver a poorly produced product, you have certain recourse options to take.

You’re probably wondering, what is Fiverr like when it comes to cancellations or wrong orders? That part’s easy. You can cancel the gig from your buyer dashboard. The money is then held for you to order a different gig.

All in all, the “what is Fiverr” question is pretty much solved when you order your first gig, as the order and instructions process is simple, and your money is safe during the entire ordeal.

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