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What Is Article Marketing? A Basic Guide

What is article marketing? Article marketing What is article marketingis a method many affiliate marketers use to attract organic search traffic to their websites. Once they funnel this traffic to their sales pages, they either redirect the customer to the affiliate site, or they use their website to sell their own products.

Article marketing is one of the most effective options for driving traffic that doesn’t require shelling out funds for a paid search campaign on a social networking site or a search engine. As long as you write the articles and submit them to article directories yourself, you can pretty much do it for free. If you don’t want to write them yourself, however, you can always outsource them to a professional writer, who may charge anywhere from $1 to $20 per article, depending on the quality and subject.

What Is Article Marketing Through Affiliate Sites?

What is article marketing as it relates to selling affiliate products through their websites? It often depends on the article directory’s rules. For example, some websites do not allow internet marketers to link from the article on the directory straight to the affiliate website using their affiliate link. They need a page in between, preferably on their own website, that contains content and then links to the affiliate website.

Some marketers can get around this by setting up link redirects to the affiliate site that technically go through their own websites first. If the editor clicks the link and sees that it goes to an affiliate site, they may ask you to remove it, but in many cases, the link can stay.

What Is Article Marketing Through Your Own Website?

What is article marketing and the difference between sending readers to your own website and an affiliate site? Here’s how it works. If the reader likes your article well enough, he may click the link to read more of your work. This work, of course, is available on your website.

The problem is, if he doesn’t like what he sees on your website or finds he doesn’t have time to read it all, he’ll leave. Thus, you probably won’t get him to click the link to the affiliate site and earn a sale. If you can use your affiliate link in the article and link him directly to the sales page, this is often optimal, as you have less chance of losing sales.

But since so many internet marketers abused the policies of the article directories years ago, the rules changed and most require that a link goes straight to your website. That means it’s up to you to build the most attractive page you can in order to get them to click on your affiliate link.

In some cases, you might have to pay a copywriter to develop a sales page. In others, you just might need to provide more valuable content that you did not have room to include in the original article.

So to answer your “what is article marketing” question, article marketing is a great way to advertise your affiliate products for free, provided you supply quality content to do so.

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