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What is an Affiliate? How Affiliate Marketing Works

What is an affiliate? This is a question you’ve probably asked yourself when reading about internet marketing. WWhat Is an Affiliateith so many ways to make money online, it’s difficult to distinguish one moneymaking technique from another.

Affiliates make money by participating in affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a business concept that involves one company, called the merchant or vendor, offering a commission on the sale of a product or products. An affiliate is the person that promotes and sells that product and collects the commission that the vendor promised.

What is an Affiliate? Getting Started in Affiliate Marketing

What is an affiliate, and how can you become one? If you’re interested in making money online with affiliate marketing, you’ll be joining the ranks of thousands of people who already do that very thing, so you’re not alone.

Becoming an affiliate is a big step in a career direction that can be very profitable for you. Some people make hundreds of thousands of dollars each year by becoming an affiliate marketer. But it takes a lot of work and time, so be patient with yourself and with your project as you get started.

Before you actually begin marketing, you need to select which product suits your interests that you would be willing to promote to others. This means you choose a product that delivers what it promises, not an internet scam.

Here’s a way to test whether the product you promote is worth selling. Would you buy it yourself? Would you recommend it to friends or family without feeling like you’re ripping them off? If so, it’s probably a good choice.

What Is an Affiliate? How to Promote Products

What is an affiliate, and how does your job as an affiliate play out online? First of all, you need to have a platform on which to promote your affiliate product. Depending upon your choice of promotional mediums, you might market it with a blog, a website or YouTube video – or all three!

You have a lot of options when you sell items online. You asked the question, what is an affiliate, and there are technically a lot of answers. Some affiliate promote products on their main websites, while others create several small blogs and sell different products on each one. Some will focus on selling on high-ticket item, while others build up an online store and sell several small items.

Affiliate marketing involves promotion, which is where mediums like videos and social networking come into play. If you can build rapport and trust online, you’ll earn followers, viewers and friends that will buy your products or promote your links to others in their circles.

How Often Do They Get Paid?

So how does an affiliate gets paid versus how an employee gets paid? Well, the answer differs depending on how each vendor or affiliate platform operates. Some vendors pay their affiliates twice per month, while others pay them only once each month. Some make the affiliate wait until they reach an earnings threshold, such as $50 or $100, before paying out.

So what is an affiliate to the vendor? A customer? A client? Technically neither. An affiliate is more like an independent contractor that gets paid monthly, except you generally don’t have to send invoices or prompt the vendor for payment, as the affiliate platform takes care of that.

So if that answered your question as to what is an affiliate, you’re ready to get started with your own affiliate project!

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