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Website Gifts: What to Give the Non-Techies in Your Life

Website gifts are some of the best giftsWebsite gifts you can give to someone who either has too much to manage on their own already or to someone who doesn’t know how to do it themselves. Having just one conversation with a person who wants to have some online real estate, but has no experience in it and doesn’t know where to start, tells you that there is something to giving a pre-made website or blog to someone who doesn’t know how to build one themselves.

A lot of us, especially those of us who have been in the internet marketing business for a while, tend to take for granted that those around us who we talk to on a regular basis know some of the same things we do. For instance, I spoke to an individual the other day who didn’t know you could upload YouTube videos for free by making a YouTube account. It might seem pretty elementary to us, but there’s a market for that sort of thing if you know where to look. Let’s just say this person would have enjoyed website gifts of a pre-built website and pre-made social media accounts.

Website Gifts: Domains and Hosting

The average Joe really doesn’t know how buying domains and hosting them on a server works. Put a few of your non-techy friends in front of a GoDaddy account, and I guarantee you, they won’t know where to start. But when you talk to them about goals they have for their own fulfillment or financial augmentation, you’ll realize they really do want in on some of the action, and giving them website gifts will help.

So if you’re running dry on which gifts to give these individuals in your life, tune into their desires for a few minutes and see if you can’t get them website gifts of some sort. If you’re willing to spend $50 to $60, you can purchase a domain as website gifts  on their behalf and buy the hosting as well. Whether you keep it in their name or yours is up to you. But keep the option of switching ownership open to them so they can choose.

Website Gifts: Blogs and Social Media

You’d be surprised at all the people who still don’t know how to make Facebook accounts or Facebook pages. Even some teens and  young adults who spent more time in front of video games than an actual computer really don’t know how to work these pieces of online real estate. If you don’t want to teach them how to make a profile, do it yourself, and give it to them pre-made as website gifts.

If you choose to go the blog route with your website gifts, be sure to install WordPress on the domain for them before handing over the keys. Show them how to change their password so they don’t feel as though you can “hack in” to their website gifts just any old-time.

These website gifts and ideas are probably a little outside the scope of your usual gift list, but I guarantee you that they will be a hit – at least with some people.

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