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Web Design Images: Finding That Perfect Picture

Web design images are sometimes difficult to find or make yourself. Web design imagesWhen it comes to making them yourself, you need to be a pretty decent graphics designer with access to adequate software. But when it comes to buying web design images, there seems to be a great disparity in the way a web designer thinks and the way a photographer thinks.

For as popular as stock photos are with internet marketers, it’s surprising that there aren’t more images available for notions like ebooks, articles and other digital forms of internet marketing. See for yourself; just try typing these keywords into a stock photo site sometime, and see if you’re not slightly disappointed with how many unrelated – or slightly off – pictures the search engine comes up with.

Putting Web Design Images on Your Website

Finding web design images for your website takes abiding by a few specifications for search engine friendliness. And how you upload and customize that photo after you purchase it will make a difference in how SEO friendly it turns out in the end.

One of the biggest killers when it comes to making a good experience for your site visitors is images that take too long to load. No one – and I mean no one – will have the patience to wait for a huge photo to load, especially if they’re viewing your site on a mobile device. When you choose a photo, you either need to buy one that is small enough in the first place or resize it in a piece of software.

Loading too many photos onto your website is a killer on bandwidth, too. The more images you intend to load up per page, the smaller each image needs to be, otherwise it will just take too long to load.

Selecting Web Design Images from a Stock Photo Site

Web design images that are site-friendly should fit several criteria. First, it shouldn’t be offensive if your site is available to anyone under 18. Thus, try to choose tasteful photos or images that aren’t too shockingly violent or disgusting.

Secondly, keep an eye on how much the web design images cost. Pictures are expensive, and can cost around $50 for a premium shot. Most are in the $2 range however, and can be used for just about any website purpose you need, unless it says “for editorial use only” in the terms and conditions.

Third, make sure the image isn’t too big. One image can be several thousand pixels on each side, so be prepared to resize and save a copy if necessary.

Pick the right file type as well. JPEG, GIF and PNG files are all internet-friendly, but depending upon the specifications you give them, they could end up pretty large. You can get away with lesser quality photos in a smaller size since the distortion won’t show up like it will on large photos. But try to buy quality photos regardless, unless you’re taking pictures yourself. No matter how you choose your web design images, always plan on making small changes of some sort in order to make them web friendly.

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