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Videos for Your Blog – in Minutes

YouTube is your friend when it comes to high quality free content for your website, enabling you to entertain your video_for_your_blogvisitors with videos related to your niche. The great thing about YouTube, is that its a two way street, in that if you create a video and upload it to YouTube, you can drive traffic to your website too. However, there are millions of people who would think that creating anything for YouTube will take ages, and cost the earth.

The times we live in now mean that resources like creating videos, or marketing to huge audiences is available for free, and also ABC easy.

A great way to present an article on your website is by adding a related video – but what if you wanted to add your own images or text in the video? If, for example, you were writing a review on an eBook, and you wanted to lift the article right off the page, you could include a video that has been provided for affiliates by the vendor. You could do that OR you could create your own video which linked through to YouTube – on your channel , with your affiliate links. How is this possible for someone who has literally no videography experience?

Take a look over at OneTrueMedia.com, and you may be very surprised at how easy it is to create a montage (for anything you like) and then produce a YouTube ready video from it. This kind of easy video creation means that you can immediately wrap up an article in just a few hundred words, and then let the video do the talking. How many times have you been reading an article (noticing a video embedded in the article) and clicked out to the video? This is the power of multimedia on websites, and it is also the source of a lot of leakage for most website owners. You can retain 100% of this traffic, now, and you can do it simply.

OneTrueMedia enable you to create image montages and then add text slides, with effects, and then create a video in YouTube format. You also have the ability to share on social media and social networking sites – making this the ideal starting point for anyone wishing to create a simple slideshow/video, and then get it out to the masses. There are lots of possibilities for using the site, and I have no doubt you will share them with me soon!

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