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Video Marketing Blogs: Benefits of Vlogging

Video marketing blogs are a great alternativevideo marketing blogs to regular blogging in a number of ways. Regular blogging, which is basically the act of writing load upon load of content and hoping it sticks, takes a long time, gets boring after a while unless you’re a natural-born writer, and tend to drain the life out of anyone who does it full-time for a living. Unless, as aforementioned, they actually enjoy it.

For the rest of the world who gasps at the thought of sitting behind a computer all day unless it’s to play World of Warcraft, video marketing blogs offer a welcome respite to the regular blend of blogging. Video marketing blogs, while still requiring negligible amounts of text in posts to keep the blog afloat in the search engines, take significantly less writing and are more optimal for people who enjoy shooting videos rather than shooting off an article on a keyboard.

Coming Up with Material for Video Marketing Blogs

Video marketing blogs are all about, well, video marketing. But you’re not actually hawking your products with each and every video, as the name implies. Just as with every other type of internet marketing, you choose your niche, then promote as necessary while parsing each advertisement-esque post with plenty of informational and advisory posts in between.

Plus, if you get bored, you can always substitute a written post or a photograph in place of a video. Just because you wanted to get into video blogs doesn’t mean you can’t spice up your feed with a little variety. It just means that your primary mode of broadcasting content is via video, not text. But honestly, Google’s not going to ding you for using text instead of a video. In fact, Google loves it when you combine different mediums, as it gives visitors a good experience when checking out your website.

It’s easiest to come up with material for your video blogs when you come up with a schedule of topics and stick to it. Let’s look at an example. Suppose one of your video marketing blogs was all about teaching others how to cook. Your schedule might dictate that you cook lasagna on Monday, teach chopping skills on Tuesday, bake a layer cake on Wednesday and so forth. That way, you’re not found copping out of a video just because you can’t think of what to make a video on.

Maintaining Video Marketing Blogs

Keeping up with your video marketing blogs is the best way to stay afloat in search engines. Just as with regular content, you need to keep that blog percolating with fresh stuff! Otherwise your YouTube channel that you upload videos to, as well as your blog, will both go stale. And once it goes stale, it’s hard to get it back up to where it belongs in search.

These video marketing ideas should help you get started with your own marketing ideas. Pretty soon, you’ll have the hang of video marketing blogs down pat to the point where it becomes second nature.

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