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Use Blogger: Reasons Why You Might Choose Blogger

Use Blogger? If you read my previous post, Use Bloggeryou’re probably going to think I’m playing the devil’s advocate with this one. True, there are many more reasons to use your own hosted blog than to use Blogger, but when it comes down to results, you might find that when you use Blogger, you’ll get quicker success than when you host your own.

This might sound like near blasphemy to some internet marketers who think free blogs are the death of their marketing strategy. But understand that I’m not saying you shouldn’t ever use a hosted blog. It’s just that there are a few benefits to using Blogger that you won’t see when you use your own blog.

The First Reason to Use Blogger

As one marketer taught me recently, one of the first reasons to use Blogger is to launch a blog for a local business or a product. Blogger is essentially a Google entity, as evidenced by the fact that you have to log into your Google account to use Blogger. Therefore, Blogger is considered extremely Google-friendly, and you know what that does for you when it comes to you websites. If you haven’t yet made the connection, when you use Blogger, you’ll get a big jumpstart on your traffic.

The Second Reason to Use Blogger

Blogger also lets you input your own meta data, which is of utmost importance when inputting geographic information for a local business. This obviously isn’t quite as important for a website’s blog that really doesn’t do business based on location.

The benefit here is that people searching for content whose IP addresses are in your area are more likely to see your blog in search results than the results of a business thousands of miles outside their locale. Google can draw the meta data from your blog and populate more relevant results to viewers in your area, which means more qualified traffic to your blog.

Now just because Blogger gives you a head start on traffic doesn’t mean you should neglect getting your own blog. Far from it. If your sole purpose in having a blog is to drive traffic to a brick and mortar business, then Blogger is fine. But if you want to host your entire internet marketing business and still use Blogger, then you’re barking up the wrong tree. Blogger still controls, to an extent, what gets posted on their platform, and if for some reason there’s ever a problem with your blog, they don’t always contact you about it first. They might just shut you down, not questions asked.  And true to typical Google protocol, they don’t always offer much recourse for you once that happens.

That being said, to use Blogger isn’t going to be the life or death of your online business. You simply need to outline your needs as they relate to locality and quick traffic, and make your decision about whether you should use Blogger or a “real blog” from there, and you’ll likely succeed either way.

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