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Types of SEO Helps You Shouldn’t Overlook

Types of SEO strategies you shouldn’t overlook include Types of SEOunconventional marketing ideas that many internet marketers completely forget about. They get so wrapped up in pleasing Google and other search engines that they forget one vital ingredient – the personal touch.

In this guide, we’re going to talk about how you can add this personal touch to your website, videos, blog posts, tweets – anything you use to communicate with your audience and build your content base online. These types of SEO helps should assist you immensely in spurring interest with your readers.

Types of SEO Involving Contests

You wouldn’t believe how types of SEO like contests drive readers to get involved with your online business. The best way to broadcast news about a contest is through social media of some kind, especially if you don’t have many loyal readers on your blog or website.

So here’s how you’ll start using these types of SEO. Provided you already have a Twitter, Facebook page and YouTube channel, you need to broadcast the message about your contest through all of these mediums. Don’t forget to use the words, “contest,” “free” and “giveaway” in your tags and/or titles.

Broadcast the news about your contest every day. Plan it out for a week, two weeks or a month in advance. Get your readers excited about it, and ask them to share the link to your contest page on their own profiles. Make sure the contest page is actually on your website so you can start building traffic to it.

Types of SEO Involving Multimedia

Okay, so you remembered to include an image with your blog post or website article. But did you do it the right way? Or did you just upload the image and cop-out on the rest? Let’s talk about types of SEO that include how to upload images the right way.

First, loading images on a website can slow it down drastically. If your viewers have to wait too long for the site to load, they’ll give up and look elsewhere. So keep your images to about 250 pixels square or less, whenever possible.

Next, don’t forget the image title and alternate text. These are easy to insert in blogging platforms and on most website software. Use your keyword phrase as both the image title and alternate text, and you’ll give yourself the best chance of getting found possible.

Whenever possible, don’t link to just a bigger version of the image. Most images link to their own location on a website, which is boring. Try linking it to a related article instead – and one that’s found on your own website, not someone else’s.

Did you know that placing a video in a blog post or website article can greatly increase your SEO friendliness? That’s right. Google loves YouTube, so it naturally will gravitate to a blog post with a video embedded into the text somewhere. Make sure that the video is related to your video in some way so you keep the whole “relevancy” theme alive. Make these types of SEO a habit, and you’ll have an SEO friendly site in no time.

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