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Twitter is Dead!


A headline like that did it’s job for the majority of my readers just now. It grabbed your attention, and you were intrigued enough to read the first paragraph. If I had some great news about a new Facebook software that made you money, I don’t doubt you would have kept on reading too. (I hope you still ARE reading of course!)

This article is in fact all about attention getting. Children are absolute geniuses when it comes to getting attention. The reason is, that they have little or no inhibitions. If they want you to look at them or listen to them, they go mental for a little while, and their work is done. Negative or positive, they have your attention. Writing titles to posts, sales pages, squeeze pages and more, is just like being a 5 year old again… and I’m about to show a great way you can do it.

When writing an attention grabbing headline, you need to get yourself tied in with a good amount of controversy, and this will get you noticed very quickly. If you are wondering where to get the best gossip and controversy, you might want to do a little search on the news section on Google, so that you can implement a recent topic of conversation regarding your niche. For example, lets use Twitter again, and let’s say you are promoting a new Twitter tool. You just need to head on over to Google news, and type in “twitter controversy”. Right now, it’s all about the Wikileaks issue on Google news, and Twitter are smack bang in the middle. This is ideal. So, your headline could be:

“More Twitter Controversy To Come – The Tool Behind It All?” Twitter controversy is enough to get people clicking (they already are, because of the hot news topic).

It really is all about creativity and out of the box thinking, but you don’t really have to do much of that if you consider the amount of news that the internet puts out. Controversy surrounds us daily, and its just a case of picking the right topics to associate yourself with.

If you are really struggling for ideas, and you prefer them to jump out at you, another great way to jump on these bandwagons is to search Google Trends for a bit of controversy related to your topic, and then very easily add your own twist to make it related to your product.

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