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Twitter Guide: Promote Your Websites on Twitter

Twitter guide books aren’t necessarily few and far between, but when was the last time you read one that really helped your business? You Twitter Guideprobably don’t remember. Or perhaps you’ve never thought about using a Twitter guide to show you how to use Twitter to promote your online business, so you never bothered to read one.

This Twitter guide will help change your perspective on using Twitter as a promotional tool. There are several reasons that you should employ Twitter in your marketing tactics, and here are just a spattering of examples.

Twitter Guide: The #1 Reason You Should Use Twitter

This Twitter guide will tell you a few things that you probably already know, but that you never actually took into account. One of them is the fact that you should use Twitter because it’s free!

Now, not all free tools are viable for internet marketing. Some just aren’t geared toward driving traffic or converting into sales. And while Twitter is a social network first, and promotion tool second, that doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of it nonetheless.

Twitter Guide: The #2 Reason You Should Use Twitter

As other Twitter guide books may or may not tell you, using Twitter is easy! It’s so easy that a kid could do it. As a matter of fact, kids do use Twitter, and not just for uploading TwitPics of their latest in-the-mirror picture. Kids and adults alike promote their YouTube videos, blogs and Facebook pages on Twitter and reap the benefits of getting thousands of loyal followers which often turn into customers.

Now why is Twitter so easy? It’s easy in part because you can’t really mess it up. There are only so many characters per tweet, and you’re very limited as to what HTML code you can put in your tweets. These limitations give you very little choice, and as ridiculous as that might seem, this fact actually makes it easier to use.

The #3 Reason You Should Use Twitter

As this Twitter guide will show you, Twitter is generally easier to use than Facebook. There are a lot less settings to mess around with, so less can go wrong. You don’t have to manage your friend list, manipulate who can see your feed and who can’t, and so forth. You create a profile, upload a picture, input a bio, and start tweeting! There’s no need to confirm your page with a text message or get your Twitter handle approved. Everything is ready to go when you are, so you almost don’t need a Twitter guide.

The #4 Reason You Should Use Twitter

This Twitter guide will tell you something that not all Twitter guide books do: Using Twitter to promote your website is fun! The trick is that you get to post fun tweets in addition to your commercial ones. After all, if all you do is promote your website and products, your followers will get bored, feel used, and unfollow you. But if you tweet content that is appropriate to your website while still being of interest to your followers, you’ll gain even more readership and a bigger customer base.

If you don’t take away anything else from this Twitter guide, just remember to use a Twitter client or app for tweeting and replying to tweets, so you don’t actually have to log in on your computer. That way, you can tweet from the airport on a business trip or from your lounge chair on the beach.

Hopefully this Twitter guide has helped you see the value and ease of use Twitter can offer your online business!

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