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Traffic and Content in One Shot

Traffic_and_Content_in_One_ShotIf you are having trouble working out what to write about next on your blog, then you are not alone. Every week, the estimated 126 million blogs on the internet either get updated with fresh content, or have a writer with blank page syndrome staring at them.

It is a very common thing to run out of things to write about, but you can get ideas from Google news, Mashable or Technorati for example, but if you remember when you first started writing your blog, you probably uploaded new content every day, and the words were flowing out of you?

After a while, you will reach a plateau, because a) you run out of knowledge you want to share and b) you simply do not have time to write the content as well as research it.

Researching blog content can take hours, if it is a new subject you are writing about, or a technique you have just learnt, and want to share. The best way to research content, however, is not to go and look at other people’s work, nor is it looking at pages of facts about the subject, and then waiting for inspiration.

The best way to find a great subject to write about, that you have a good understanding of, is to ask people what they want to learn. If you don’t have a large base of subscribers to your blog, or you cannot use a large list in your niche, there’s other ways.

If you go over to The Warrior Forum for example, you will just need to look on the main Internet Marketing forums, which have HUNDREDS of questions on there (possibly thousands).

All you need to do is cherry pick the subjects that relate to you and your niche. Whilst answering somebody else’s question, you are also creating content for yourself. All you need to do is give a brief synopsis of the answer, and then let the readers know that the full answer is available on your blog. Traffic + Content in one shot!

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