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Tracking Your Brand’s Performance

Implementing a marketing strategy is a bit step for money businesses. With a new marketing strategy, you usually set a number of expectations and goals for your brand in terms of performance and also gaining an increased market appeal.

However, in many instances brands tend to fail meeting expectations with their marketing campaigns because either the right data isn’t available or brands simply don’t follow through on their performance. Failing to see how your brand is performing can have serious implications upon your business, which is why it is imperative to utilize the tools available to you.

These days, there are dozens of tools out there that can easily help you keep track of your brand’s marketing performance. With these tools, you’ll be able to gauge a successful marketing campaign and reap the rewards of increased market revenues.

Brand Volume Trackers

Posting on social media accounts and putting your brand out there is always a benefit. However, brand that simply post information and interact with consumers are leaving out a crucial element of the strategy. Rather than simply being active, you want to be a proactive member of your brand.

This means that you should be following up on whether your social media efforts are having an effect. To do this, there is something known as “brand volume trackers.” Brand volume trackers are a set of technology that tracks your brand volume on a week-by-week basis by providing you information how many shares, tweets, or posts people on social media are making about your brand. The trackers allow you to determine if your marketing campaign is working.

In addition, they also enable you to compare how your social media efforts are faring between every account. This way, you know where you need to improve and where you need to perhaps scale down a bit. A few good examples of brand volume trackers are Google Alerts and TweetDeck.

Phone Call Tracking

Phone call tracking is one of those tools that hasn’t really caught on yet in the marketing world. However, this does not mean that it isn’t a useful tool, it simply shows that people aren’t realizing the power of certain strategies and the benefits of using those strategies.

Phone call tracking is nifty because it allows you to track how many phone calls your marketing and advertising campaigns are generating. It works by assigning a phone number to every marketing campaign and it tracks callers who are calling in regacrding a specific campaign.

This tool is useful for a number of reasons. First, it helps you implement quick damage control. For instance, if you set out a marketing campaign that people find offensive, you’ll find out quickly because people are going to call and complain about it.

This allows you to quickly pull a campaign before too many consumers view it. Second, it also allows you to see which marketing campaigns are popular and which aren’t. If you are receiving many positive calls regarding one campaign, you have a good sense of where you should put your attention and efforts.

Email Analytics

With technology constantly changing, it can be difficult to keep up with the latest ways that people are viewing information about your brand. One piece of technology that hasn’t yet fizzled out is email. Millions of Americans still utilize email, which means that your email marketing campaigns have the potential to be extremely effective.

However, most problems that business owners face is that they’ll issue an email marketing campaign and quickly forget about it. This is the wrong way of going about things. You need to follow up with your campaigns and see just how your efforts are materializing.

In the realm of email, you can do this by using email analytic tools such as AWeber. Tools like this allow you to easily implement email marketing campaigns and view just how effective they are. Programs like AWeber will create useful graphs that allow you view open rates, click-through rates, and even the revenue that the campaign itself is generating for business.

With a tool like this, you can find out what works and what doesn’t for your next email campaign. In the long run, it also saves you money because you won’t be wasting time on a email marketing campaign that isn’t going to get the job done.

Integrated CRM Tools

Integrated CRM tools, also known as Customer Relationship Management Tools are extremely useful when it comes to viewing and understanding your brand’s performance. CRM can be either web-based or a standalone system. The tools allow you to keep track of your customers, how they relate to your company, what they do, what they buy, how often they reach out to your company, and the items they consider buying based on past buying trends.

CRM software is available nearly anywhere, but that doesn’t mean that each item of software is useful for your business. Some of the most successful CRM tools include SalesForce., Microsoft Dynamics, and NetSuite. With these tools, you’ll be able to improve customer relations, understand how your brand fits into your customer’s needs, you can generate a more targeted business focus, and you can even understand to who exactly you should be marketing your brand to.

Facebook Insights

Sometimes, spending money on costly marketing performance tools isn’t always worth it when you can get similar information for free. The question of Facebook’s ongoing popularity is a constant issue for most business owners and marketing strategists.

However, the fact of the matter is that Facebook is still here and it has retained many of its first users. You have an entire market that is able to buy into your product, you just need to understand how your marketing strategy on Facebook’s platform is faring and whether you are reaching the customers that are interested in your brand. This is where Facebook Insights come into play.

Facebook Insights is a tracking tool that the company offers to make marketing analysis easier for businesses. With this tool, you’ll be able to understand which weekdays consumers are online and what time is the prime time to post information relevant to your brand.

By using this tool, you can ensure that your business is being efficient and effective in its marketing strategy because you’ll be posting information that is going to be seen and that will have an effect. To use Facebook Insights, all you need to do is go to the admin panel on your Facebook page and click “When Your Fans Are Online.” It really is as simple as that.

Pinterest Web Analytics

Pinterest is an extremely comforting and useful platform for mainly the female consumer. The website allows consumers to view and pin information relevant to their favorite brands and projects. Therefore, if you are considering expanding your brand’s reach, then Pinterest is certainly a platform you want to keep using.

To make your job easier, Pinterest has introduced Pinterest Web Analytics. This tool allows you to track how many people are interacting with your brand’s business profile. You’ll be able to view how many people revert to your website through your pins, which content people are pinning from your brand’s page, and even how many people are viewing your pins over time.

With this type of information, you not only are able to get a sense of how effective Pinterest account is, but you’ll also be able to see which pins are the most popular and which are duds. By understanding which pins are successful, you can learn to create similar pins to keep consumer attention. To put the icing on the cake, this tool is also completely free.

ROI – Return on Investment

Marketing campaigns can cost a lot in capital, manpower, and time, which is why you need to know whether your marketing campaign is generating the revenue that you are putting into it. The best way to view this is to analyze your ROI, or return on investment. Your return on investment allows you to track the valuation of whether or not the consumer is getting an impression of your brand and acting upon that impression.

The data that you need to look at is the funds that you are gaining from your marketing campaigns coupled with the views and discussions about the campaigns you release. Essentially, the hard and soft data will allow you to view whether you are getting a return on how much you are investing into your campaigns. This leads to a stronger market approach in the future and better savings for your business in the long run because you know where you went wrong in past marketing campaigns.


Marketing is never an easy and certainly not costless strategy to implement. With the tools and strategies listed above, you can easily learn how to create better and stronger campaigns in the future. Tracking your brand’s performance and understanding how your brand is faring among customers can better prepare you for the bright future that you have for your brand.


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