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Top Three Tips to Keep Distractions Out of Your Workday

You’ve heard me harp on time management and distraction control before, but today I want to give you some tangible improvements you can make to your office that will keep you AND your workspace feeling and looking better all the time.

I know how frustrating it is to walk into my work area each morning and have a bunch of papers, office supplies and electronics with black cords and cables staring back at me. It’s NOT a pretty sight, is it? You can get a lot more accomplished each day if your mind isn’t as cluttered as your desk the minute you look at it. After all, feeling like you’re working in a trashy dump doesn’t help keep those creative juices flowing! So here are some ways I’ve taken note of to help you get your workspace back to the clean, neat area it should always be.

More Than Just Decluttering Your Space…

Getting your workspace in order takes more than just swiping the papers and pens off of your desk and into a metal desk bin. There are also several other ways to improve the overall atmosphere of your work area than simply cleaning off your desk.

  • Organize office supplies in drawers. Do you really need that stapler sitting out on the desk EVERY day? How about that stack of rubber bands? You probably don’t even use these supplies every week, let alone each day. So you can easily tuck such items out of sight in a drawer. Inside the drawer, you need an organizer. These come in a multitude of different materials, including plastic, metal, Styrofoam, cardboard and so forth. If you don’t think you use them even once a week, I recommend putting them in a bottom or middle drawer, not the top one.
  • Tuck away your electronics. That phone is a distraction, no? You’re always checking it for texts, responding to Facebook updates and replies from friends, and even playing Angry Birds when you’re feeling a little less than productive. But all that phone-checking gets in the way of your real work, so it may need to go bye-bye if you don’t plan on having anyone important call. Same goes for things like iPads, Nooks, Kindles and so on. This also applies to charging cords and cables that tend to really make your desk look like a mess.
  • Light up your desk. I don’t know about you, but garish overhead lighting can give me a headache while I work. I much prefer ambient lighting to harsh fluorescents. Think about getting desk sconces, background lights or even can lights in your office, rather than that lone bulb sticking out of the light fixture in the ceiling.

This list could go on and on. You could buy a nicer, ergonomic chair, or even sit on one of those Yoga balls for posture enhancement. If your workspace needs more personality, add some color in the form of mousepads, keyboard wrist supports and one or two desk accessories. Anything you choose should be pleasing to YOUR eyes – don’t worry about what anyone else thinks!



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  1. I seldom use my phone while I’m at work but I always make it a habit to post on Facebook that I am already working so my friends would know that I’m busy and they won’t have to disturb me or call my phone either. On the other hand, I also use a time tracking software to track my productivity. I’ve been using it for almost a year now and it’s very effective at monitoring your time and help you focused on your work.

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