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Top Three Sales Tactics that WORK Online!

Have you been struggling to come up with a marketing tactic that will reap more leads, more clicks and more sales? Then you’ll be thrilled that I compiled this list of three sure-fire tactics to increase your sales online!

In case you haven’t already noticed, selling goods online is a lot different than selling them in a retail store. Customers cannot pick up a product, smell it, touch it, feel it all over and check its quality while they’re looking at a screen. Unless you’re selling something they know they already want, you have to do your part to sell it to them in ways that they can relate with in visual and audio only.

Three Sure-fire Sales Tactics

There are three ways that I often use to sell on a website, and I’ve shared each of them below, along with a few secret tips on how I use them to my fullest advantage.

  1. Add a video. Videos are SO powerful these days. I probably don’t even have to tell you that much – you likely already know! Here’s how I use videos. First, you can use short videos on a sales page to give brief descriptions of the product. It can be a sales pitch, a product review or even a demonstration. For things that are very hands-on (like kitchen appliances) it’s great if you can purchase the item and do a hands-on demonstration. You won’t believe how much that alone will boost your sales!

    Another way I like to use video is with learning tools. Let’s say you’re selling a book or CD program. You might be much more likely to sell that program if you offered a video version that people could download and watch on their computer. Buyers are often more likely to run the video in the background and listen to what you’re teaching rather than sitting down and going through a book after they’ve already had a long day.

  2. Include a snazzy call to action button. Call to action buttons are those brightly colored, rectangular-shaped graphics below sales copy that encourage readers to buy your product right away. You can make your own buttons with software like Adobe Photoshop Elements or Adobe Fireworks. They have a lot of image presets with different color and texture variations that you can choose from to match with your site and stand out in a good way.
  3. Headlines! Writing headlines that are RELEVANT to your copy and to your bottom line that at the same time are eye-catching and clever will make your buyers want to scroll down and read more. You can often put your headlines in different colored text so they stand out amongst the copy. Add H2 and H3 headlines throughout the copy to break it up and make it more easily readable.

Implement these sales tactics on your website, and I am positive that you will see a difference in how much you’re selling!



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