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Top Profitable Alternatives to AdSense

alternatives to adsenseAre there real alternatives to AdSense? If so, just how effective and profitable are they? Many webmasters have made significant money with Google’s advertising network AdSense over the years.

In fact, for many, it is the leading source of income for their websites. The advantage of AdSense is very simple, integrating their content-sensitive ads into websites is very easy to do and you can blend these ads seamlessly into your site’s content and layout. However, for some, AdSense is either not profitable enough or not quite flexible enough to suit their needs. Not only that, Google AdSense only allows 3 blocks to appear on a page. So when you need more ads, especially on long pages, you need other options.

As such, here are some of the top 10 viable alternatives to AdSense you can look at to squeeze a little extra profits from your pages:

AdBrite is currently one of the best alternatives to Google AdSense. They have the most common sizes and formats as well as offering other powerful ad options and even favorable revenue sharing options for promoting their advertising service.

Clicksor is one of my personal favorites due to it’s wide range of flexible layout options.  It offers real contextual advertisements and  instant pay outs to its publishers via PayPal, which is a real advantage to smaller website owners.

Bidvertiser is a very viable alternative to Google AdSense in terms of how they let you control layouts and structures. However, one very powerful advantage is their customer ad block designer that allows you to create ad blocks with any dimension you want.

Another alternative that is very popular is Chitika. This company takes a unique approach to advertising in that it is more geared to complement other advertising mediums and focuses on consumers specifically. Chitika is ideal for showing related products to your site’s subject matter.

AdToll is another very powerful and viable alternative to AdSense that pays you on a CPC basis. Another feature that I particularly like is that you can use your earned revenue to pay for advertising on the network. This is a feature that is badly needed on Google AdSense.

Yahoo Publisher Network
Yahoo Publisher Network is probably the most well known company out of all of these and also one of the most restrictive platforms in terms of acceptance. For example, if you use AdSense then they will not grant you access to their network. Similarly, they have very restrictive payout cycles compared to AdSense and even more restrictive policies.

So as you see, there are some alternative sources of income for ads on your site and you should check each one of these out to see which option is best for you. You can use these as an alternative to Google AdSense or in addition to your existing ads for extra revenue.

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