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Top Five Mind Roadblocks to Your Success

Your mind can be a beautiful thing… or a very distracting, disturbing collection of evil! It’s in your mind where you birth all of those creative ideas for your business. But that same mind is also capable of creating all sorts of inner havoc that can keep you from achieving those goals you’ve worked so hard to come up with.

For example, let’s say you came up with an idea to start a coaching membership website. The creative part of your mind starts cogitating productive ideas while the negative part of your mind starts creating doubt. Lies like, “You can’t be a coach – you barely know how to do it yourself!” start creeping into your thought process. Before you know it, those lies have taken hold and are now starting to give you second thoughts about becoming an online coach.

Top Five Lies Your Mind Tries to Trick You into Believing

Your mind really isn’t all that savvy. After all, it uses the same tricks on you as everyone else’s mind does on them. All you have to do is recognize those thought patterns and destroy them on sight! Here are a few that I’ve found to recur all the time, especially in newbie marketers.

“You can’t do it.” After planting this lie in your head, your mind will go on a spree of dredging up all the “logical” reasons why your new idea won’t work. Just put it on mute and keep working!

“You’ve already tried something like it and failed miserably.” Remember how many times it took Edison to invent the light bulb? Enough said.

“Too many other people have already done the same thing.” True, there is something to be said for having too much competition in one niche. However, there’s nothing saying that you can’t take what someone else has done and just improve upon it or make it different. Many people do that and find immediate success.

“You have too many other commitments to find time for a new one.” Examine your schedule to see if this is really true. Do you find that you’re so much of a workaholic that you can’t find time to spend with the kids? In that case, you might want to scale back on something that you’re doing now, especially if it’s only marginally successful. Determine whether you have more of a heart for your new project or whether you should put it on the back burner for now. But whichever the case, don’t let this thinking hold you back! We are humans, and humans always find time for what they REALLY want to do. So don’t buy into this lie, either!

“You don’t need to write it down… you’ll surely remember it in a few hours.” This is one of the biggest lies we all fall prey to. It’s WORK to write something down, it seems. So we don’t do it. We figure we’ll remember those great ideas we had at two o’clock in the morning. But we rarely do. So next time you wake up in the middle of the night with a brilliant idea… write it down!



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