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Top 5 Reasons to Create a Squeeze Page… Now!

Many web designers and companies debate the pros and cons of having their customers directed to a landing page or having them directed to a squeeze page. The results of the two options are very different. When you direct guests to a landing page, your hope is to make a quick sale. On the other hand, when you have guests go to your squeeze page, your hope is to get their email address and to begin to build a more long-term relationship with the customer. Even though it can be tempting to push for the quick sales numbers, in the long run, the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks. You should always drive traffic directly to your squeeze page first. Here are 5 reasons you should absolutely create a squeeze page right now.

Your Email List is Key to Your Business

Don’t underestimate the power of your email list. The list is a valuable business asset. If you had something tragic happen to your site or business and lost everything but your email list, you would still have the key thing you needed to continue to run your business. The list is key to relationship building with customers, and ultimately is key to the success of your business. Getting someone’s email is far more valuable than making a quick sale. The only way to build up a strong email list is to have a squeeze page on your site. So, go build a squeeze page, work hard to build up and maintain your email list and you will have the key to your business’ future success.

Email Marketing is Even More Important than Social Media

Social media is all the buzz these days. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media sites are key to marketing success and many companies are investing tons of money into these powerful marketing avenues. However, the one thing that has remained more powerful than even these is email marketing. While people may follow you on Facebook or Twitter, there are not many who will see every single ad or update that you post. However, nearly everyone checks their email every day. Having someone opt-in to your email marketing gives you nearly endless opportunities to reach out to them with promotions, product information and whatever else is important to your business. Email marketing is very successful, and building a squeeze page will help you collect the very information that you need to be able to get results.

It Opens Doors for Participation and Relationships

When people visit a product landing page attempting to sell them something, a few will buy it but many will not. However, if instead you are directing your traffic to a squeeze page you will have many more people participate. They have the opportunity to get something for free by simply providing their email or some other bit of information. There is very little barrier to entry. Once they have signed up via the squeeze page, you can continue to build the relationship. Starting off with giving them something valuable like an ebook, in exchange for their email address is the best way to begin the relationship. Because a visitor has chosen to sign up for your list, they have already begun to build a small relationship with you. This will make them more likely to actually spend money for your products or services in the future.

The Best Way to Build Targeted Leads

Building an email list through a squeeze page provides you with an opportunity to get to know your customers a bit better. This allows you to target your campaigns and product offerings to your customer’s specific needs. In the long run, having targeted leads will drastically improve your sales numbers and conversion rate. However, make sure that you have a balanced approach to the amount of information that you ask for in the squeeze page. You should be careful not to ask too much from your readers when they sign up. Having them provide too many pieces of information may decrease your potential for conversion. However, when visitors sign-up via the squeeze page, you have an opportunity to ask for any pieces of information that you think would be particularly helpful in targeting your marketing efforts and getting to know your customer base better.

The Industry Standard

Squeeze pages are quickly becoming the industry standard. Nearly every blog or website has one nowadays. In order for your site to be on par with the market, you should have one as well. Potential advertisers also expect that you will utilize a squeeze page and will often look for sites with squeeze pages that convert well. In addition, the squeeze page is a tried-and-true conversion method and marketing tool. Nearly everyone has one because it has been proven to work and drive a company’s sales and business success in the long run.

Final Word

It is easy to see why squeeze pages are so important. Marketing on the web can be incredibly difficult due to how hard it is to build a reputation and relationship with your customers. This difficulty can be mitigated by building an email list. As we have seen, the best way to do that is through a squeeze page. An email list is key to business success and provides a door to very effective email marketing. In addition, the squeeze page opens to door of communication and relationship with visitors to your site. A squeeze page helps build targeted marketing campaigns through an email list. Knowing more about your customers will allow you to target your campaigns more effectively. Lastly, the squeeze page is the industry standard. It has been tested and proven to work and advertisers will expect you to have one when they consider working with different sites and companies. What’s stopping you? Go make and add a squeeze page on your site right now!

Lastly, let me know your thoughts and tips for Creating a Squeeze Page that has helped you. Leave a comment below and I look forward to hearing from you.

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