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To Pop Up or Not Pop Up?

popupYou will have noticed that there are lots of alternatives to popups on blogs now. They are impossible to block using normal popup blockers, as the coding has got much better in recent years, and browsers don’t even see it coming.

Whilst some popups are plain annoying, in the IM world, marketers use them properly, to ask you if you want to sign up for their subscription services or just to let you know about a freebie. That’s just fine, and has always been the norm online.

If you really must use popups, then this guide will help you decide just how to present them to your public, and ensure you don’t have 90% of them clicking the back button because the popup close button won’t work on their browser.

  • Do you really need a popup? The very best way to present your blog is to show the visitor all your content – because they asked for it. So why not try a slide up popup instead, which only shows at the footer of your screen? Examples: http://ultimatefooterad.com/ and http://www.instantslideup.com/
  • Less is always more. If you have a small popup the size of a 768×168 banner, this is not really too annoying to a visitor. They can close it down, or read just a couple of lines. It is not really holding them up too bad. If they have to read through a full paragraph, with a large image, and a sign up box – that’s when they will be closing the popup to read the content underneath.
  • Make a feature of it. A great way to display popups is as a feature. For example, peel away corners look great, and are integral to the blog page. You can use a similar idea, if you ask a web developer to find a unqiue way to present a flash or Javascript popup. For example, an “always on top” image on the left of the page that swings out to reveal a sign up box.

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