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Tips for New Internet Marketers

Transitioning from the daily grind of a 9-5 job and assuming your new role as an internet marketer can often times be difficult. There is no boss or upper management to keep you accountable. You are your own boss now; the master of your domain, the owner of your own internet business.

If you succeed, it will be because of your own merit, hard work, and dedication to your craft. Unfortunately, if you do not succeed, it will undoubtedly be your fault as well. To make this transition easier, I’ve compiled a list of tips to help you remain focused and attentive to the goal at hand while also maintaining accountability. After all, this is your business and you need to treat it as such. Hopefully some of these tips can help you on your new journey into the world of Internet Marketing…

Build a List – From day one you should begin by building your list of targeted prospects. Whatever site you have, add an opt-in page somewhere above the fold that offers something of value. From the first day marketer, to the multi-million dollar entrepreneur, a list will boost profit and ensure that your business is sustainable.

Buy a Whiteboard – Write down everything you need to do for that day, week, month, or even year on a whiteboard and place it somewhere near your work area. It’s much easier to stay on track when you have all of your tasks neatly organized and always in view.

Set Aside Your Work Time – I know many people decided to chase the dream of being able to work when you want, wherever you want, but that will come when your business is already established. When first starting out, it may take a lot of hard work. Have time set aside everyday to work on your business and try to be as consistent as possible with it.

Keep Your Family in the Loop – If you have a spouse or kids, let them know when you’ll be working and what you’ll be doing. Then they will know when to leave you be. Besides, communication is always ideal for any relationship.

Minimize Distractions – Turn off the TV, close the door, put the cell phone on silent, and minimize any webpage that has nothing to do with your work. It is very easy to get sidetracked. Then suddenly, before you know it, you have wasted all of your time without accomplishing what you had planned for the day.

Choose a Method and Stick With It – Pick one and perfect it. Once you’ve perfected that method and it is bringing in a reasonable revenue stream, then hire a freelancer or contractor to take over so that you can then focus your efforts on the next big prize.

Seek a Mentor or Coach – There can be a large learning curve when it comes to Internet marketing. For some, it may take months or possibly years, while for others it may not come at all. To drastically cut down on this learning curve, hire an expert that has spent years in the trenches, working their way to the top. Soak up as much knowledge from them as possible and act upon it.

SEO Takes Time – Stop trying to look for ways to “game” Google. Even if the method works now, there’s no telling when the next Google update will wipe it out of existence and leave your site struggling for views. Instead, focus on doing things the correct way. Generate a lot of quality content, use social media to spread your message so that others will essentially create your backlinks for you when they tell others of how outstanding your products or service are, and most of all, follow Google’s basic guidelines. It will be worth it in the long run.

Give Your Customers Value – This sounds like a given, but you’d be surprised at just how many marketers forget this. If you offer something that they need, you will not have to sell to them because the product will do the majority of the selling for you. The more value a product or service has, the more likely it will be to succeed.

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