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Tips for Article Marketing: Perfecting Your Articles

Tips for article marketing abound on the internet.Tips for article marketing It gets tough to sift through all of them, and even more so when you try to determine who has good advice and who doesn’t. The best way to find decent tips is to visit the website of a well-renowned internet marketer who has had legitimate success in the article marketing side of the internet business and does not have a seedy reputation for trying to game the system.

But that’s not always enough. Sometimes you just need a guide to put things in an easily digestible format, not a whole discourse on how to write articles for article marketing. So this guide will show you some very helpful tips for article marketing that will serve you well in your internet marketing endeavors.

Tips for Article Marketing: Word Economy

Wordy articles are one of the biggest turnoffs to online readers. The minute they see a strung-out article surpassing 1,000 words, they hit the back button on their browsers. Why? Because no one has time to read that much text. Nobody even wants to try to read that much when they’re browsing the internet, because they figure they can find the same help somewhere else and learn it in half the time.

That’s why you need to employ a little bit of word economy in your articles. But before we go on, realize that for search engine optimization purposes, your articles should still be over 500 words in length. Just try to keep them under 800 words. If it goes over that, you may potentially be able to split the article into two and get twice the amount of traffic to your website.

Tips for Article Marketing: Fitting it All in

So, now you know that you should create articles that are about 500 to 800 words in length. How is this accomplished if you have a lot to say? The trick is to pick a very small part of your niche topic and write about it, instead of trying to write about your entire sub niche all at once.

For instance, if you are trying to become an authority in the niche about helping dog owners to get their pet to quit disobeying, you might be tempted to stuff behavioral training, patience, retraining and urine-off solutions into the same article. Don’t fall for that habit! Pick just one, and focus on it for the duration of the article.

If you are pitching a product to the customer, leave it for the resource box (which is also called the bio box at times). Here is where you can encourage readers to find a solution to their problem by clicking through your link to your website or affiliate page. Just make sure that you follow the guidelines of the website you post your article to, as certain promotional language is not allowed.

Keeping your paragraphs short is another of these good tips for article marketing that will help you keep your article readable. When you block all of your text together, it’s easy to lose track of what you’ve said, so you just keep on writing. But when you put individual ideas into small paragraphs, keeping track of what you’ve already done becomes much easier. Keep these tips for article marketing in mind as you write, and pretty soon, you’ll be one of the best article marketers online.

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