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Three Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Internet Marketing

Just when you think you have this whole internet marketing thing down, you need to check yourself, because there are probably several aspects of internet marketing that you’ve not even touched the surface of just yet. I came up with three of them off the top of my head that most internet marketers still haven’t really scaled, last I checked.

Now that’s not to say you haven’t heard about the points I’m about to give you. I’m just insinuating that you probably haven’t leveraged them to their full degree of usefulness to your business. Never underestimate the idea that sites you’ve never heard of or are still skeptical of can become big hits overnight, so it pays to be ahead of the curve on these.

  1. Using Pinterest to market your products. If you’re a guy and you know what Pinterest is, chances are that you’re rolling your eyes right now. Isn’t Pinterest just for clothes, puppies, recipes and home decorating photos, you ask? It might appear that way at first glance, especially when you start following your more fashionably savvy friends from your Facebook profile on Pinterest, but it’s becoming a marketplace for every tangible and visual item you can think of. I often use Pinterest to promote blog posts and YouTube videos, for instance, and if you’re a marketer of any kind, you know how important it is to have both of these in your marketing vault.
  2. Using Fiverr as a resource for site content and graphics creation. Everybody thinks of 99 Designs and eLance.com and oDesk.com right off the top of their heads when they want to hire out content creation or logo design. But did you know that oftentimes, Fiverr users offer quality that is just as good – if not better – than those freelancing counterparts? It’s true, and I know this because I’ve been on both sides of the Fiverr gigging. It’s a great way to purchase logos for cheap, get followers for your Facebook page (provided you expressly tell them to use real profiles, not fake ones) and order voiceovers for your videos. You can seriously save a lot of dough just by trying out a few Fiverr giggers before committing to more expensive designs through pricier websites.
  3. Using Google Pages as secondary sources of fans. If you haven’t heard of Google Pages, you may or may not be missing out on much. The whole problem that I see with Google Pages is, as with just about any Google entity, they can’t ever decide when anything is good enough, and by the time you get used to one platform, they’re well onto developing a new one. But eventually, Google is going to become so big in the social media platform that they’ll be hard to avoid, just like everything else that makes up Google. So even if you don’t think it’s highly popular now, you need to reserve your Google Page and start collecting fans as soon as possible.

What do you think? How does these points effect you? Let me know below…


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