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Three Skills You Don’t Think You Need – But You Do

There’s something I’ve noticed in my years as an internet/affiliate marketer that has gotten under my skin just a little. I think it applies to everyone in ways, but to affiliate marketers in general. We are LAZY! That’s right – lazy.

Before you protest that you’re the hardest-working internet marketer you know, let me explain myself. I don’t blame the internet marketers themselves. After all, they’re kind of a product of the reputation the internet marketing industry has given itself. “Make money quick” and “bum marketing” and the like are all phrases you’ve probably heard thrown around. Why do you think that is? Well, I’m not sure about you, but I think it’s because it appeals to the lazy man inside all of us.

So how do we see this playing out in the work lives of internet marketers? Just listen to a few of them talk sometimes. For instance, one of them hears that they have to actually write their own blog posts if they want their blog to take off. “What?!?” they protest. “But I can have that outsourced!” says another. That’s all fine and good, but after that, suppose we suggest that they need a better-looking website. Again, more protests. “I can have that outsourced, too!” But of course you can.

Do you see a pattern? We may be in it for the money, but if it takes learning a new skill or doing something we don’t want to do, all of a sudden it’s like the affiliate marketing veil of ease has been shattered. We don’t actually want to work for our living – we want it to come to us.

That’s not an uncommon philosophy in the work world, but herein lies the problem. When you decide to quit your job and work for yourself, the work environment becomes a whole new atmosphere. You actually have to DO something in order to make money! You don’t get paid to look like you’re working when you’re actually derping around on Facebook! You might have to – gasp! – develop a few skills!

Okay, so enough preaching already. I’ve created a list of several skills that I have picked up over the years that I think you will find helpful in managing your internet presence. Yes, it takes dedication. Yes, it takes blood, sweat and tears, but in the end, you’ll save a sizeable portion of your income just by NOT outsourcing something for once.

  1. Basic HTML Coding: You really don’t need to run to your independent contractor in the Philippines every time you need to change the header of your website.
  2. Article Writing: The biggest gripe I hear from every marketer I’ve ever met is, “But I’m not a writer!” News flash – neither was I prior to internet marketing, and in the past few years alone I’ve written over 2,000 articles.
  3. Graphic Design: “But I’m not a graphic designer!” “But I’m no good at art!” See above. You’ll figure it out.

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