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The Things You Never Get Done…

thingstodoWe could sit for hours listing the things we need to get done. And somewhere on our list, is usually “make a list”.

We are compelled to be as organized as possible, and will often make a big dent in our to do list – but the real problems are all the little things we have been putting off for too long.

They will eventually mount up and have to be passed to a virtual assistant or worse, forgotten about. So, what are the top 20 things (in no particular order) we never get done?

1.       Backup our blog(s)

2.       Back up our members lists

3.       Change our merchant account passwords

4.       Change our affiliate and financial passwords

5.       Remove email addresses we do not use from various accounts (Paypal being the main one)

6.       Check our merchant facility to see if we can get our costs lowered on payments

7.       Back up and then empty our email trash

8.       Set up better Trash/Junk email folders

9.       Unsubscribe from pointless lists

10.   Set up filters for emails incoming

11.   Set up a voicemail service

12.   Install the latest updates for our instant messaging clients (this is one key factor in losing conversation histories and losing contact with people)

13. Set up a server watch account with a service like www.siteuptime.com to ensure your site is up regularly

14. Back up all our product images and PDFs

15. Clean up our laptop and PC of all malware and spyware

16. Take all our backups, and put them on DVD

17.   Ensure all our CMS’ are up t date with the latest patches and updates

18.   Perform a search for Rapidshare/Torrent versions of our products and report the links

19.   Upgrade any of our computer equipment that has been slowing down recently

20.   Back up and backup (encrypted) on DVD any financial records from online merchants and payment facilities, just in case you lose an account

When are we supposed to get these done? Well the next time you have time to read a blog post like this, you could do maybe two on the list… how about when you are waiting for a transfer in an airport? Waiting for the dentist? These little things are easily sorted in just a few minutes.

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