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The ‘secret’ of internet marketing?

internet_marketing_secretVery few internet marketers and gurus will ever tell you the truth, and leave nothing out. If they told you how they made every penny, surely they would no longer be in business?

They may say that they are ‘revealing all’ or ‘blowing the industry wide open’ – but in fact they are giving you just enough information that you still want more from them, and are always just one step behind.

This article will explain just one golden rule that people like me, Ryan Deiss, Frank Kern and Alex Jeffreys will actually tell you – because they are true teachers of internet marketers.

They have nothing to lose by telling you this one vital ingredient – because they back it up with valuable coaching to ensure you stay in front.

The secret, if you didn’t already know, is to position yourself as the expert.

In anything you do, in any business model at all, being the expert is key. From now on: You are the one that they want to come to for information – be it your blog, your podcast or your email marketing newsletter… you need to see it this way from now on. It is often the difference between someone reading your information, or hitting the back button.

So how can you use this in your daily business?

If you own a blog, then chances are, you write your blog posts with a little enthusiasm, and like to engage with your reader. The difference between being an expert in a field, and being a spectator (much like your reader), is often just the wording of a sentence.

Example on a review/affiliate site for email marketing software:

Spectator style…
“This new software will revolutionize the way you send email marketing. The developers have said that it is powerful enough to rival most of the leading products”

Expert style…
“I’ve used internet marketing tools for many aspects of my business. Mostly I use email marketing tools, and this piece of software has left the competition behind, for me. Here’s how it beat the main (more expensive) competitors in my test:”

The difference there is huge to the reader.

Try this yourself with some of your posts. Be the expert, rather than a spectator, and see how many more comments you get and click throughs.

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