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The New Way to Write Articles for Internet Marketing

Just when you thought you had your article writing skills down, Google throws you for a loop and changes all of their algorithms. At the risk of making Google out to be the internet’s biggest troll, it seems that whenever affiliate marketers get used to Google’s algorithm changes, they crack a troll-face meme grin and change it all up. If you’ve been in internet marketing for as long as I have, you probably know what I’m talking about.

Let me paint a picture for you on this subject. After learning the best way to write articles online, I did it with a vengeance. I wrote over 1,000 high-quality articles in a matter of a few months, all of which were approved on the appropriate sites. A year or so later, I find out that most of my hard work is now for naught, as Google no longer likes how they were formatted with the keywords and anchor text. They’re not terrible in Google’s eyes – plus they have several views and have been around for a while – so it’s not a complete and utter loss. But still, it’s frustrating.

So if you’re in my camp and you’ve gotten frustrated with the way Google has handled articles, you’re not alone. Don’t get too discouraged, though. I’ve listed a few of my favorite tips here that I like to use to ensure Google gives my article an A-OK when I post it.

Write articles from a conversational point of view. I stress this all the time, but I still see tons of bone-dry articles pervading the internet. In case you’re not familiar with conversational writing, all you really need to do is speak your thoughts out loud and write them down. Pretend you’re describing your article to someone, rather than writing a manual about it.

Don’t link your keywords as anchor text. Apparently Google now thinks that enticing a reader to click on your anchor text when made out of your keyword phrase is somehow leading the customer, because they no longer smile upon anchor text links like that. Instead, they want you to link the name of your website or company to the address. It’s a much more boring approach, but at least you’re guaranteed that Google won’t kick you off for misuse of your anchor text.

Keep your articles readable length. 150 words are too short, but 1500 words are probably too long. I like to curtail my article lengths to about 500 words, as most people just scan when the read anyway.

Add an image. Better yet, add a video, too. The more multimedia that’s featured in your article, the better.

Make it easy to bookmark and share articles. There are dozens of social media plugins; pick one! Google loves social media juice, so you need to make it easy for your readers to promote your articles on the social media platform of their choice. Plus, it’s free advertising, so you should like that even more!

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  1. I’m one of those who is just learning how to write in a conversational way. Apparently, my style is “too academic” according to some friends 🙂

    I didn’t know about the images and videos though!

    Good post, Sean. Thanks!

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