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The Key to Reciprocation

Two bloggers (who must remain nameless) were talking with me the other day, and explained the need to go that much key_to_reciprocationfurther when looking for free traffic, or reciprocal traffic. They tried all the usual things which a blogger does, such as contacting and asking for guest spots, and ensuring their comments were relevant on the blogs they posted on, to get a quick backlink and some rep.

Nowadays, with so much competition out there, people are struggling to get exposure, and marketing their blogs by networking with other bloggers is so much harder. Another thing which bloggers are facing is the fact that a lot of these blogs are run day to day by people who do not even look at offers for reciprocal blogging any more. They see it all as spammers who are looking for free exposure for a site that doesn’t deserve it.

So, these two bloggers came up with a plan that has so far worked for 99% of every post they as for. They contact a webmaster or blogger, and they ask if they can do a guest author spot, or quick series of posts. They inform the blogger that this will be reciprocated if they wish, and they make a guest post on their blog. Nine out of ten times, they are much too busy to do this, but the guys will often ask the blogger if they’d like THEM to write it for them. This sounds like a normal every day occurrence so far, right? You would not get very far with that kind of offer, because of the competition levels in the industry, as we said. Well here’s the extra bit.

As well as offering a guest post, and recip blog post, the guys also offer a press release to be written too, and give the blog owner’s blog some great link juice and traffic to boot. 99% of the people asked say yes to this. Nobody really cares about the content as much as the traffic. So, bear in mind the next time you are looking for exposure, the key element (as with most things) is to overdeliver. The traffic you can get from this reciprocal method is phenomenal apparently, and the link juice equally as good. Why? Well, your own blog URL as well as the person you are reciprocating with can BOTH be in the press release!

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