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The Importance of Consistency in Internet Marketing

Keeping consistency across the internet with your marketing tactics is important on many levels. Firstly, if someone Googles the name of your company or product, you want them to find the same basic information in every place they look, at least as long as they are entities that you are in control of. We’ll touch on this in detail in just a bit.

Consistency is also a sign of professionalism. You look like you’re on top of things if your web presence is polished and consistent across the board. If you haven’t Googled yourself recently to see what I mean, then perhaps it’s time to do so right now. You might be surprised – and a bit disappointed – by what you see, depending on how well you’ve kept up with your online presence.

Here are just a few places where – and why – you need to remain on top of your info in the internet marketing world.

1. From a social media perspective: Most social media sites give you a place to fill in pretty basic business information, such as the title, website address, bio, location, and so forth. You’d be surprised at how many companies have variations of the company name or bio that don’t even come close to matching. This looks pretty bad from a professional perspective. Rectify this by filling out all of your basic info in a Word or Excel document and copying/pasting it into the form fields of any new website or social media site you apply for. This is not considered duplicate content; in fact, Google very much appreciates it if your location or online business matches in terms of address and description.

2. From a customer perspective: Would you enjoy Googling the name of a company and finding three different sites with three different business descriptions? You’ll probably question which one of them is the real presence, even if they are all owned by the same entity. You’ll save customers a boatload of confusion by making all of your info the same. If it isn’t currently the same, go back and edit it or email support to have them help you change it if the option to change it yourself is missing.

3. From a search engine perspective: Oftentimes sites like Yahoo and Google will populate info on a business or product based on a combination of sources online. For as smart as they purport to be, they don’t always pick the best sources. That means you need to cover your bases in making sure every entity that you can control has appropriate information attached to it for Google to populate into search results. You may not always have control over what they choose to incorporate into their search results, but do the best you can to keep from having the wrong site, address or phone number displayed.

It might not seem like a big deal right now, but just wait until you have customers being redirected to incorrect map locations or broken website links. Covering your bases now will help you minimize problems in the future.


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