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The Impact of Having a Great Mobile Website

Nothing says you have an up to date company like having a whopper of a mobile website. I know, you hear me harp on this a lot, but I still have yet to see many internet marketers get themselves a nice, shiny, new mobile friendly website. Perhaps it’s because they just don’t see the benefits of making their websites friendly for mobile devices. Apparently many of you need some more convincing. If so, here are a few (more) of my reasons why you need to get on this right away!

Why I Know You Should Have a Mobile Website

There’s nothing that gives a potential client an awesome first impression like a spiffy mobile home page. Let me give you an example. Today, a friend sent me the name of an industrial website in a text message. I clicked on the link in the text to visit the site, and when I did, I was highly impressed by several things.

First, the site loaded quickly. No one wants to wait forever for a site to load, especially if they’re on their cellular network as opposed to their wireless home network.

Secondly, the pictures were sized for mobile. In other words, I didn’t have to double-click the image to zoom in on it, nor was it so big I had to move my screen to see it in its entirety. It was pretty much the perfect size.

Thirdly, the website had all of the necessary parts included. That means they had easy-to-locate buttons for those must-find pages, like “About Us,” “Contact Us,” “Products,” “What We Do,” and so forth.

Fourth, the picture they chose to use was an impressive one. It wasn’t one of the outside of a humdrum building, although such pictures are appropriate if there are only offices on the inside. Their front page featured a photograph of their supply lines, which were massive and quite impressive at first, second and third glances.

So what does all this tell me? It tells me that the company cares enough about their mobile traffic and their reputation to bother to make a visit to their mobile site worthwhile.

And what’s more, they even have “click to call” buttons for mobile viewers. If your mobile site doesn’t have this, it’s pretty pointless. Also, if you host or feature a local venue, “click here for map and directions” is also vital.

In a nutshell, this is pretty much everything you need on a mobile site. Of course, things like a photos and videos section or customer testimonials or a “visit us on our social media” page are nice additions, but not absolutely necessary. Although if you have social media, it doesn’t make any sense to leave it off, so I would include it wherever possible.

That’s all for my mobile rant of the week – THIS time. Be ready for next time we talk about mobile friendly sites, as I’ll be picking apart even more of what other sites have that you need, too.


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