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The Great Big Overhaul

to_doIt’s imperative that every once in a while you take a good long look at your blog or website, and you make a note of all the things you are unhappy with, and write a list of things to do to improve it.

Most bloggers do this as they go, but once you get waylaid with content and competitions, and keeping your list up to date with fresh information etc. It can be the last thing on your mind to remove some out of date banners.

All you have to do is set aside one day per month to jot down a few things. After this, you need to schedule a time and date to get these things done.

The most common thing that a blogger does, is forget to include certain features they should have installed on day one. Your maintenance day is ideal for this.

A crucial thing to do (because people will notice changes happening) is to start a blog post that informs everyone of the overhaul. This does two things for you:

  • Lets everyone know that you care about the maintenance of the blog, and that you are trying your level best to make sure the visitor experience is improved
  • Allows you to get feedback and interact with your visitors on a regular basis. Every time you make a change and update your blog post, you will get people’s comments about whether they like it or not. This can lead to bigger things, such as suggestions and feedback.

There’s no need to overhaul everything on the site. Simply try to change the niggling things that you have been meaning to get round to. A complete theme change and color scheme change may not be required, and can cause disruption to visitors, so if you absolutely must do it – make sure you inform them that certain parts of the site may not work, and to inform you of any glitches.

Once you have made the changes to your site, you will feel very satisfied, and will want to continue it throughout the life of your site. The hardest bit is actually getting round to the first list (which is often the biggest). Get this out of the way, and your scheduled maintenance will take just a few hours per month, if that. The great thing is – your visitors will thank you for keeping them happy, and will always be there to let you know how good a job you’re doing.

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