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The Future of Ad Placement?

When you are looking to get some advertising on your blog, then you should always follow the guidelines that millions ofplacement_advice other bloggers before you have used, tested and made money from.

There is always the good advice regarding Adsense sizes, and positioning, and this usually comes free from a lot of the more prominent bloggers who still believe in sharing the wealth.

There is a lot that can be learnt from other blogs, and there is also a lot that can be learned from the big guns.

AOL for example, has a new advertising model called “Project Devil”, which simply shows how modern advertising on webpages has progressed. Webmasters are less inclined to splatter ads all over their page, using things such as contextual text links, affiliate text links, contextual banners, Adsense and CPA banners… and that’s just in the main reading area of a page. AOL is suggesting that by having a magazine style advertising method on your page, this performs better for both the webmaster and the advertisers. You can see the logic. You are almost branding your page with one advertiser – who appears more as a ‘sponsor’ of your site, rather than a 3rd party advertiser.

So what can be learned from this? The fact is, if AOL is ready and willing to do something as bold as this, then you can take this to the same level on your own pages. By branding a whole section of your site with advertising (the right sidebar for example), you are clearly encouraging your visitors to interact with the advertiser. Let’s say you are running a home improvement log, and you settle on a department store as your advertiser. You could mash together various banners that they have for affiliates, along with any CPA material they are using. This creates a whole side of your page for content, and one whole side for revenue. You would be earning from various methods, and you wouldn’t need to have Adsense or contextual ads on that page. A better way would be to contact the affiliate manager, and ask their advice on what you can do to be creative with the advertisers inventory. For example, rather than just having a banner for one product – you could indeed visit their site and link to the various categories they have. Deep linking to products from featured banners would also work great.

The key is in how you present it. AOL does make one great point – you really do not need advertising all over your page… it just needs to be effective.

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