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The Facebook Fan Page Blueprint Part 2: A Step by Step Strategy to Massive Profits

Social media is the ultimate canary in the coal mine. It is the single most powerful tool that any internet marketer has in his arsenal for generating a brand, a following, and an income online.

Today’s post will be the follow up edition to The Facebook Fan Page Blueprint Part 1. In case you missed that post, I would highly recommend that you go back and read it as we will be further expanding the method that we previously covered.

The entire basis of this model is to create several streams of income from multiple, highly targeted followers in a manner that allows for the most visibility and engagement possible without continuously resorting to paid reach.

Imagine how marketers usually go about promoting on Facebook. They create a niche specific page and market their products to it. It’s fairly simple and straightforward. With a single fan page, it’s really only possible to promote so much before your fans lose interest or you completely burn out your list.

Plus, Facebook only allows a small percentage of your followers to see your posts without paid reach. This model can work, but may not be the most efficient.

Instead, I’d like to offer an alternative. In Part 1, I showed how to Build a fan page pyramid with a main niche page that funneled targeted followers to at least 3 sub niches using post sharing, similar to this;

Main: Tool Lovers Everywhere

Sub: Hammer Lovers

Sub: Power Drill Lovers

Sub: Saw lovers

Now think of the layout for any website. Do you see any similarities? Websites are niche specific, yet offer sub categories to allow their audience to view particular information that they may be interested in. this is essentially what we will be doing with our Facebook campaign.

Fans may have begun following your main niche page because they love tools. However, they may have a specific passion for power drills. By promoting posts on your main niche page, you can easily funnel those that are interested in power drills to our “Power Drill Lovers” sub niche page where you can provide targeted offers that fit their specific interest (i.e. offers that have to do with power drills).

By doing this, you suddenly have 4 outlets in which to reach your audience (based on their specific interests). You may even want to provide a main offer to your broad niche page (Tool Lovers Everywhere) and 3 products based on the targeted interests of your sub niches. You now have the ability to market 4 separate products all at once without ever affecting your main offer.

We do this to build and leverage traffic. It allows for more targeted offers to be seen by more people without additional paid reach and creates additional streams of income.

Since Facebook only shows a small percentage of your followers your posts (unless you use paid reach), you have a far better chance of your promotions being seen across 4 pages (especially if you have followers that “Liked” 2,3, or even all 4 of your pages).

Types of Posts

Everything that you will ever post on social media will fall into one of 3 categories.

Money Posts – These are either physical or digital products to your audience. Utilizing these posts effectively will be your primary method of driving revenue from Facebook.

List building – These will be any form of promotion or giveaway offered to your audience in exchange for their email address.

One underappreciated method build for building your list would be to actually tell your followers that Facebook has a silly rule where they only allow a fraction of your followers to view each piece of content posted.

Explain that they are likely missing out on great information because of it and then simply suggest that they subscribe to your site in order to ensure that they never miss anything informative again.

Cool Stuff – Images (either custom or viral that others have posted with high engagement), videos, and links to content (yours or others).

People mainly fail due to issues with the posts they provide their audience, posting too frequently, Posting too infrequently, post too much of one type of post (not enough variety) can all have negative effects on your followers. If you break any of those rules, your earnings, traffic, and engagement will stagnate quickly.

Knowing When to Post

This is a question that I get asked frequently. When are the best times of the day to post for maximum effectiveness?

Posts need to be regular in order to keep followers engaged. The more engaging your posts are (i.e. comments, likes, shares) the more followers Facebook will allow to see your posts without promoting. So, posting on a regular basis is a necessity.

You also need to post during peak usage times so that you can take advantage of when the most followers are online and active. This will vary greatly based on your audience, so your Facebook insights should provide you with a good reference of peak hours.

Additional testing may be in order as well, because you will undoubtedly find that certain times of the day (or night) have a higher frequency of engagement than others, even if fewer people are online.

Obviously, it’s best to work on your own schedule instead of sitting at your computer and manually posting just because it is your peak usage time. The built in scheduler allows you to schedule posts for all of your pages in advance. So, you can set up all of your posts for the upcoming week (or up to 6 months in advance) which is much more efficient than posting manually every few hours.

What Should You Be Posting?

Nothing is set in stone, but the best results have come from creating 2-3 money posts per day, per page. If you’ve created 4 pages, this will equate to 8-12 opportunities a day for your followers to commit to a sale.

You will also want to add 2 list building posts that prompt your followers to subscribe to your email list. Last but not least, you will want to mix in a bunch of “cool stuff” posts to inform or entertain your audience. The total amount of posts will be dependent on your peak hours, but should likely fall between 8 -12 total posts per page.

For 4 fan pages, this could come out to be 32 – 48 total posts a day. This may sound like a lot, but I can assure you that once you get the hang of using the scheduler, you will be able to create posts in less than a minute. If need be, you can always outsource the work to someone else for relatively cheap. You can post less, but it may diminish the overall effectiveness.

An awesome way to kill 2 birds with one stone is to use the Trust Jacker plugin (I know, the name is kind of ominous).  With this plugin, you can link to any page of content on the web. Whoever clicks on that link will be taken to the content as usual. However, when they try to leave, they will be met with a CPA offer. If the audience member acts, you will receive the commission.

Use the Repetition Model

This is a way of creating a specific sequence of your post types to be repeated over and over again. The sequence can be in any order as long as it uses one of the 3 post types and repeats. For instance

Money, cool stuff, list building, money

Cool stuff, cool stuff, list building, money

This allows you to quickly create posts and expedite the entire scheduling process because you will know exactly what type of posts comes next. The frequency of your posts will be dependent on the peak hours of your followers. I would suggest no more than 1 post an hour.

When presenting this model to others I frequently run into the same question so I may as well answer it here. You may promote the same products, but it is best to change the post daily. Meaning, your money and list building offers should be unique daily.

Each post can describe one major benefit that the offer can provide or add various images as well. This will keep your followers from getting bored even if they see the same offer over and over again as each post will add some sort of additional value.

The Final Say

Facebook marketing is an investment. It will take some time, effort, and continuous testing to get right. If used correctly, this method is powerful enough to allow anyone to generate a full time income from Facebook marketing alone.

Like most of you, I have been lured in by marketers under the pretenses that they would show me the road to riches. In most cases, what they show does not live up to the hype.

I have just provided you with an entire system that you can build a business around. There is no smoke and mirrors. I do not have an ulterior motive. I simply want you to try this method on for size (I mean REALLY try it) and let me know how it goes. If you follow the plan that I laid in Part 1 and 2, I have no doubt that you will see success.

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