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The Expendable Income Niche

When you think about a product, you should also think about the demographic, when you’re looking at affiliate expendable_incomemarketing. We can of course take Google’s word at it that those 3000 people are searching for the keyword “lawnmower storage” every month, and are possibly going to be searching for this product with an open wallet, but in reality, there’s every chance that some of the demographic in those searches have more money to spend than others. Let’s think about the target audience of the lawnmower industry for a minute, as the example. You could just set up a website that sold (by way of affiliation) lawnmower storage boxes, and maybe get some authority by telling people when the best time to cut their grass is etc. – but you’re not necessarily thinking about the demographic, you’re actually thinking about selling the product.


In marketing, the first thing you look at are the people behind the products, and in this niche alone there are the real “golden” targets. The ones with the expendable income. The target visitors that you really want to be going after. Look at the actual product, and you will see the people behind it – gardeners, landscapers, and retired people. These are (as a niche) huge for you, and you can sell everything within their bracket to them. Instead of leaving it at the storage boxes for example, you could take it all the way to sheds, gardening tools, power tools, labor saving devices, the whole nine yards.

Before you leave a niche with just one product up for sale, think about the market behind it, and the people with the money. Then you can start getting a feel for what other products and services they would be interested in. Within every niche, there are probably hundreds of other niches – it’s just a case of finding them.

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