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Taking Risks in the Online World

You’ve probably heard that a person is hardly ever successful unless they take risks. They’re not successful in their careers, in their investments, in finding a spouse – risk is a big part of life! That goes for your endeavors in internet marketing just as much as anywhere else.

In the online world, you don’t have to be quite as financially penny-pinching when you take your risks. Why? Because the things worth promoting are generally free to promote, or already have enough followers that it’s easy to get a gauge on how successful the product really is. Of course, there are other sorts of risks you may need to take, which we’ll talk about here in this guide. Note that I’ve taken several of these myself, so I know where I’m coming from in giving you my two cents.

Risks of Owning Your Own Website

Generally speaking there isn’t too much risk in owning your own website. You buy the domain, set it up with a WordPress template, and produce content. Boom. Done! – right? Not necessarily. If you plan to promote products on that website, there are certain rules that apply. For instance, the FTC has put pressure on a lot of internet marketers to include “mandatory” pages on their websites, like disclaimers about getting paid for reviewing products. If you plan to host this kind of site, you would do well to abide by the implements set forth by the FTC.

Risks of Selling Products You Didn’t Create Yourself

Usually when an internet marketer first starts out, he or she promotes someone else’s product, not his or her own. There are exceptions, of course, but that’s the general model. So you should be rather selective in the products you choose to encourage other people to buy. If you use your own name and persona to promote them, people will hold you personally responsible for however they felt about the product after buying it. You can’t just putz your way through articles and blog posts if you’re held personally responsible like that. So you might try reading a heck of a lot of reviews and maybe even buying a few of the products yourself and giving them a test run before suggesting that other people spend hard-earned money on them.

Risks of Selling Products You Created Yourself

You are held to a lot of responsibility these days, especially when selling products. If you’re just purveying an ebook, you probably don’t run a lot of risk unless you fail to preface a health guide with plenty of disclaimers. But if you develop a product or service, be prepared that customers will come to you with all the praise AND all the complaints. Not that you can’t handle it, just keep it in the back of your mind. Some sellers even have to outsource fulfillment and customer service to keep up with the demand. If you get that far, that’s great; just make sure you’re willing to provide the right amount of customer service help to keep your customers happy.

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