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Video Marketing Strategies

As a marketer, you need to consider all of your options when creating a marketing plan. In general, marketers often overlook certain options in favor of those that seem more viable and effective. While there certainly is no problem with doing so, it is still important to try focusing on options that could attract your target audience and lead to more business. Among youth especially, video marketing is widely popular. If your brand’s target audience is young, then you may want to consider the below tips to help you build an effective video marketing strategy for your next campaign. The ...

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Social Media ROI

Boost Social Media ROI by Making the Right Offers

“Buy my product now!” This is perhaps the most commonly seen offer on most marketing channels. Whether you’re looking at AdWords, infomercials or neighborhood Girl’s Scouts, they’re all trying to do one thing: get you to buy. Yet social media is different. The “buy my product” offer is highly ineffective on social media. Not only is it hard to make sales; you actually damage your relationship with your audience. So, what is the right offer? How do you turn social media users into buyers, without appearing too salesy? Here’s how.

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