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Are You Still Looking for LSI Keywords?

There are many ways to find related search terms for your products or services, or for the content you have on your niche blog. Google itself provides many great related search terms, and if you are looking deep into a niche already, Google will still throw out some good suggestions or related terms on the search page alone. You may struggle sometimes to get keywords or keyphrases for a main niche, and that’s when Google’s not much help. Unless you use something like Google’s Wonder Wheel, though that can be a little bit of a pain when you need to ...

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A Lesson in LSI

A car is not a car if it has no wheels or engine, or doors, or exhaust. It’s just a shell, which has no means of travelling. You couldn’t call it a car, because of the things it’s lacking. If you imagine a web page being that shell of a car, and you have been blindfolded, to work out how to categorize it, then you would not put it in the car category. Maybe you would categorize as car parts, salvage, car wreck – but not “car”.  Google works in the same way, when it is trying to understand what ...

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