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Google search optimization

Google Search Optimization: Playing Up to Google

Google search optimization seems to be more of what today’s SEO is all about rather than search optimization to please the rest of the search engines. After all, you don’t hear internet marketers talking about making Yahoo, MSN, Ask, Bing or Dogpile happy, do you? Nope. It’s all about Google, or so it seems. Google search optimization is tough to accomplish, especially when their rules aren’t crystal clear and it seems their algorithms are ever-changing. But as hard as it might seem, it is possible to make Google happy – while maintaining your sanity. Google Search Optimization: Backlinking Whenever you ...

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Build a landing page

Build a Landing Page That Converts

Build a landing page that drives traffic and turns into conversions for your business, and you will be on your way to success in both the online and offline markets. There are certain formulas that funnel customers from the top to the bottom of the page and ending at a strong call to action that will eventually drive crazy conversions for you – if you do it right. Remember that you have to consider being Google friendly when starting to build a landing page. Google bans users who don’t comply with their guidelines, so always be sure to check with ...

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Local search SEO

Local Search SEO: How to be Prevalent

Local search SEO is a different beast from national and international search, but the themes are still the same. All you have to do is take the knowledge you have from regular SEO and apply to localizing it. It might sound like a complicated process, but when you break it down, it’s not. Local search SEO isn’t just about placing the right keywords in all the right places. It’s about networking with other businesses in your area, getting restaurants, doctor’s offices, car dealerships and more to make friends with you and link to your website. Chances are, some of these ...

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SEO location

SEO Location: Why Location is so Important

SEO location is crucial to include in your SEO strategy. Why? This guide will delve a little bit into the reasons behind making sure everything you post online for a local business should be tracked back to a city name – or several city names, for that matter. SEO location makes your posts, photos and videos search engine friendly in several ways. First of all, it helps Google track where exactly your business is located. Secondly, it helps Google pair your potential customers with your business. Third, it makes your business more relevant when someone in your area is searching ...

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How to Integrate Websites

How to Integrate Websites for Seamless SEO

How to integrate websites for proper SEO strategies is something you should know or learn. In the past few days alone, I can speak from personal experience on why this is such an important concept. This concept, which we will touch on in a minute, is important both for brand new websites and for established sites that might have gotten off on the wrong path. Now when I talk about how to integrate websites, I’m not talking about integrating them with e-commerce tools or membership platforms. I’m talking about integrating them across the web so that they always direct readers ...

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